Delta Bribri Indigenous People serie

The indigenous Bribri are an American Aboriginal people living in rural areas and forests of Costa Rica, along the Cordirella de Talamanca.
At the arrival of the European conquerors the Bribri population was about 27.000. According to the latest census there are about 10.000 living in Costa Rica forests today. In 1977, they were given the right to live on their native lands by the establishment of reserves.
They still retain their original language (the Bribri) in both oral and written form.
They are devoted mainly to agriculture (cocoa and bananas), rearing pigs, hunting and fishing. They live in wooden huts with roofs of dried foliage and love independence and solitude.

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The collection
The Bribri Special limited edition is a limited release of only 977 fountain pens with rhodium plated metal trimmings and 977 fountain pens with 24 carat gold plated metal trimmings. Both of these feature Delta’s fixed piston filling system.
The Bribri limited edition is a limited release of 977 fountain pens (with cartridge converter filling system), 977 rollers and 977 twist ballpoint pens with rhodium plated metal trimmings.
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