Worther writing instruments at Fontoplumo

Wörther manufacturer a range of writing instruments, with mainly mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens, but also a few of very nice fountain pens. Wörther is a family company and the writing instruments are still manufactured locally, in Baden-Baden Germany.

Below are a few examples of what is available, with much more colors in the webshop.

The Shorty mechanical pencil, available in a wide range of colors (next to purple also orange, red, black, white, gray, green and blue) features a 3.15mm lead. Standard it is supplied with 3 graphite leads (1 in the pencil and 2 separate). Next to that there is a range of other lead colors available of which some will write on metal, plastic and glass.

The Shorty Ballpoint pen is available in the same beautiful colors as the Shorty pencil and equipped with a blue refill. The ballpoint is ideal to take with you, wherever you go, in your pocket or bag. It is a wonderful eye-catcher.

Thee Spiral pens are made out of a bar of aluminum and twisted to the spiral. The steel clip is positioned to the spiral of the pens. Available as mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen in black or natural color aluminum.

Compact aluminum mechanical pencil has a thick lead of 5.6mm. The instrument is made of aluminum and can be filled with leads of various colors (1 graphite lead supplied). It lies in the hand perfectly and adds a little bit of extra weight due to the aluminum.

When you’re looking for a model which you haven’t found, please contact me for availability.

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