Montegrappa Calligraphy fountain pen

Montegrappa has introduced this pen at Baselworld and can now be ordered. First shipments to goo out from Montegrappa’s factory in June.

The Montegrappa Calligraphy pen is, as the name suggests, dedicated to the art of writing, calligraphy. Designed by Lebanese artist and designer, Katya Assouad Traboulsi.

Katya Assouad Traboulsi is based in Dubai, Traboulsi and born in 1960. Since 1986, her work has been exhibited in Paris, Washington, Mexico City, New York, London, Kuwait, Algiers, Beirut, Dubai and other capitals. Traboulsi’s art has entered many private collections in Canada, France, Switzerland, the USA, England, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan and Lebanon. She has also published two books, Of Others (2011) and Generation War’ (2013).

Traboulsi’s design for the Calligraphy pen features an arabesque medallion in silver as a cap top and arabesque patterns in mother-of-pearl white, red and green resin in the cap. The pen barrel is characterized by its Arabic calligraphy phrase, embossed on a silver or gold overlay on bamboo black celluloid. The phrase literally reads: “the pen transports culture”.

Available as a fountain pen,  fitted with an 18K gold nib enhanced with a bicolor arabesque motif available in size options: EF (Extra Fine), F (Fine), M (Medium), OM (Oblique Medium), B (Broad), OB (Oblique Broad), BB (Double Broad), STUB 1.1.

The Calligraphy pen is a limited edition of 328 pieces.

For more details, please follow this link to visit our webshop.

Montegrappa Calligraphy

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