Kaweco Sport Brass, new material in the Sport range

The release of the Liliput in Brass (and later steel and copper) was a big success and I’m very happy Kaweco has now released the Sport pens in Brass material.
These pens weigh quite a bit more than their aluminum friends and the brass is untreated so it will scratch (as the RAW) and will develop a patina over time. After I started to use the Brass fountain pen I already saw a change in the patina within a few days.
If you prefer the shiny look, you can easily polish the pen and it will shine again.


The Brass Sport is available as fountain pen (with EF, F, M, B or BB nib), roller, ballpoint and mechanical pencil. After the release of the AL Stonewashed pens, many people requested the pencil and I’m very pleased that Kaweco decided to have the Brass version with the mechanical pencil.

There are also 5,6 clutch pencils available in brass, these look a little different but can match the Brass Sport.

For more information, visit this link to the web shop.

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