Montegrappa Kazan LE customized pen limited to only 1 piece

When my wife and I first met Marcel Vermeulen it was because we were looking for a special ring. When looking and selecting a ring, it soon became clear that Marcel not only makes wonderful jewelry, he is also very passionate about the precious stones of which many he buys at the source from where these are found and then has them cut to get them looking at their finest. Soon we got to talk about my passion, pens, and both of us had the idea that it would be great if we can combine the two.
Make or customize a pen with precious stones to make it even more beautiful.

A pen we both liked very much to customize is the Montegrappa Kazan. This pen honors the city of Kazan and has design elements originating from there. The pen is already very limited with just 300 pieces made, and we made an even more limited edition with just one pen made.
The dome is replaced with a 18 / 750 carat golden dome, set with 1,92 carat of VVS rare white high quality brilliant cut diamonds. The cutting and setting of the diamonds is all done by hand and took place in Antwerp Belgium.

The pen features an 18k gold nib, with the shield of Kazan in yellow gold and a piston filling mechanism. The material is green precious resin with sterling silver decorated sleeves around the cap and barrel.

The gold and diamond dome make this pen an eye catcher and will decorate any breast pocket, desk and hand.

This is a 1 piece edition and can be yours for Euro 8,500 including VAT

Montegrappa_Kazan_3S Montegrappa_Kazan_4S Montegrappa_Kazan_5S

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