Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen

With the introduction of the Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen, Kaweco is going back to 1899, when the name was also used.

The material and colors however, do not take you back to 1899, they are very now. Wonderful combination and a rather full sized pen with 139mm capped and 130mm uncapped it is a good size. The section is triangular, fitting for children who need to learn to write.

The Kaweco Perkeo will fit standard international converters. Not your Kaweco clips though, the cap has the same octagonal shape as the Kaweco Sport, but is wider. This combined with the 16 facetted barrel and special color combinations make it look wonderful.

Kaweco has done a very good job with introducing this fun and affordable pen. Available now, with Fine and Medium nib widths and I’m confident this will appeal to a lot of people.