Aurora 88 Marte Limited Edition

Aurora is on a roll with the introduction of wonderful limited edition fountain pens over the year of 2017 and they do not seem to stop anytime soon. (Very happy with that)

Late 2017 and early 2018 comes with the arrival of the Aurora 88 Marte (or Aurora 88 Mars) fountain pen. The Marte follows in the footsteps of the insanely popular Aurora 88 Nebulosa which was introduded in 2017 and came with a purple Auroloid and rose rold finish. The Aurora 88 Marte comes with a warm red auroloid, rose gold finish and 18c rose gold nib. The red auroloid is to reference planet Mars.

With a size of 132mm uncapped this comes in many peoples sweet spot for length.

It is a limited edition of 888 pieces, what may seem like a lot, but with the Nebulosa being sold out everywhere very quickly, I would not wait long to get this pen, if you really want it.

For more details, visit the webshop.

Aurora 88 Marte fountain pen

Aurora 88 Marte fountain pen

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