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Starting the year we have asked you what you would like to see us doing more of. Posting video reviews about pens was one topic that was requested a lot. We take recommendations seriously and here we are, with our first video. We will add a section to our site called Fontoplumo Channel where we will upload this and future videos so you can see them here, on youtube and on the relevant product pages in the online shop.

In our first video we talk about the Lamy Studio fountain pen range, show you the colors, nib options size and specifics for this pen.

Let us know what you think of the new videos and if there is something you’d like to see next or more of please leave us a comment.

Video transcript

Lamy first launched the Studio in 2005 and has since been supplying them in various colors. This particular one is the racing green which is a special color of last year (2017) and we’ll show you some different colors and materials in a bit.
First we’ll go through the general parts of the Lamy Studio and then we’ll show some of the different colors that are available.

As said, this is the Racing Green, special edition from last year, a very nice color, a deep green. The commonalities between the studio pens are, metal pen, chromed top and bottom finial and a propeller shaped clip, with the Lamy logo besides the clip.

It is very easy to uncap. There you have the metal section, which is also chromed and the Lamy Z50 nib, what is a steel nib on this pen. There are also models with a gold nib and you can always change the nib from steel to a gold one if you like.

The pen is easy to cap and uncap and easy to post.

While I tend to use my pens unposted, the pen doesn’t get to long I think and unposted it also is very comfortable in the hand.

It measures 140mm capped, 129mm uncapped, 157mm posted. The weight with cap is 32 grams.

You can use the Lamy with a converter or with their cartridges. The Z27 converter will fit the pen, which is the converter with the black end, you just pop it in, put the nib in a bottle of ink and fill it.

The threading on the section and in the barrel is made of plastic.

The nibs are very easy to change, just by pulling it off by hand of stick some tape on it and pull it off. Steel nibs are available as EF, F, M and B or stub 1.1, 1.5 or 1.9mm as a spare. The Studio with gold nibs are available in EF, F, M, B, plus OM and OB.

The available colors are Brushed Steel, Black, Imperial Blue, Racing Green (special edition), then the ones with a gold nib which are Palladium, Platinum and Piano black.

Uncapped, you will see that the brushed steel pen has a rubber section. The other 3 with steel nib have a chromed section, the palladium has the section in the same finish as the cap and barrel, as does the platinum. The piano black pen has a platinum coated section.

Size wise all of these are the same. The ones with gold nib typically has a better ink flow.

The Lamy Studio comes in a cardboard box, with an outer sleeve out comes a black cardboard box with Lamy logo and there is a Lamy booklet.

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