Video: Pelikan M815 Metal Stripes, special edition

Pelikan M815 Metal Stripes special edition fountain pen, introduced in 2018

The Pelikan M815 Metal Stripes fountain pen is a special edition in the M8xx range.

The 815 stands for

8: Size
1: Metal barrel
5: Palladium (silver color) trim

The M815 Metal Stripes is a special edition, what means it is available for a short time only. Once Pelikan sells out, it will be gone.

The brass barrel makes is a bit heavier than the M80x pens, as it weights (uncapped) 28 grams, versus 20 grams of the M80x.


The pictures below show more more details of the pen and in the Video we share our thoughts, details and a writing sample.

Pelikan M815 uncapped

Detail of the nib and inkwindow

Side by side M815 below and M805 Stresemann

The Pelikan M815 is a special edition, made by Pelikan in the Souveran range.

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