Lamy Studio Terracotta AND Olive- special edition

In 2018 Lamy brings us not one, but 2 special colors in the Studio range. These Lamy Studio Terracotta and Studio Olive pens are available as fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint pen.

The Lamy Studio Terracotta and Olive will likely arrive in stock after the summer break (end of the 3rd quarter) and are usually available for a short time only.

Lamy first launched the Studio in 2005 and has since been supplying them in various colors. There was a in 2017 there was a Racing Green and now there are the Terracotta and Olive pens.

The Lamy Studio pens are made of metal, have a chromed top and bottom finial, section and a propeller shaped clip, with the Lamy logo besides the clip. It measures 140mm capped, 129mm uncapped, 157mm posted. The weight with cap is 32 grams.

You can use the Lamy with a converter or with their cartridges. The Z27 converter will fit the pen, which is the converter with the black end.

The nibs are very easy to change, just by pulling it off by hand of stick some tape on it and pull it off. Steel nibs are available as EF, F, M and B or stub 1.1, 1.5 or 1.9mm as a spare.

The Lamy Studio comes in a cardboard box, with an outer sleeve out comes a black cardboard box with Lamy logo and there is a Lamy booklet.

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