Faber Castell Essentio, new in their lineup

Faber Castell has a few ranges of fountain pens and with the Essentio, they have upgraded the Basic pen line.

The Faber Castell Basic series was available with chromed or black leather barrel and had a rubber grip. The new Essentio pens have a barrel and section in aluminum and a plastic cap, matching the color of the pen.

The aluminum barrel and section are brushed (lines across the length of the pen) and comes in blue, rose and black. Each are available as fountain pen and ballpoint pen.

The ballpoint pens have a (steel of brass) inner to add some extra weight to the pen.

All of the new Faber Castell Essentio fountain pens come with their beloved steel nibs, known for their smoothness. Available in width Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad. The fountain pen can be filled either with a converter or standard cartridges (long of short). A very functional element is the spring inside the barrel, so if you have filled the pen with a short cartridge and have one in the pen as spare, it won’t rattle inside the pen, but is kept in it’s place by the spring.

The Essentio is priced higher than it’s predecessor, but the changes would justify a somewhat higher price. It gives the pen a very different look.

As a sidenote, the Rose pen we received are more pinkish than the pictures show. We’ll make some pictures soon and post these on our Instagram account.

Available in our shop now.

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