Pelikan M800 Stone Garden, new upcoming special edition

Pelikan M800 Stone Garden

Rock gardens are known for the soothing effect. The new special edition Souverän M800 Stone Garden absorbs this atmosphere and offers tranquility in daily chores.  The combination of dark blue and refined marbled structure in shades of blue and brown give the pen a distinguished and elegant appearance.

The pen body is made of cellulose-acetaat. The dark blue cap, section and piston knob are made of dark blue quality resin. The metal rings and clip are 24k gold plated and the 18k gold bi color nib is available in EF, F, M and B.

The piston filler mechanism operates very smoothly and will fit about 1,35ml of your favourite ink and it’s nibs are renowned for offering a wonderful writing experience.

As it is a special edition, these are only available for a limited amount of time. Edelstein Sapphire ink is a good color match with this pen.

This Pelikan Special Edition fountain pen is expected to arrive around October 15 and is available for pre order now.
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