Lamy Safari 2019 Pastel editions

Lamy Safari special edition of 2019
Lamy Safari Pastel, special edition of 2019

In 2019 Lamy was quick with letting the world know the plans for introducing gorgeous special editions throughout the year.

The Safari is one of the most anticipated ones and this year they don’t bring one special color, but THREE and they are now finally available for pre order.

The colors are Rose, Light Blue and Mint. Each color is available as fountain pen, ballpoint and rollerball pen. The wonderful detail about these is that all plastic parts are in matching color!

We expect the pens to arrive starting in May and we will ship all pre-orders quickest. Want to ensure we’ll get them to you as fast as we can, don’t hesitate to place your orders.

More information is available in our webshop.

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