Kaweco AL Sport Petrol – Special Edition

2018 was the 1st year we had a Kaweco pen exclusively for the shops in Belgium and The Netherlands, which was the AL Sport Explorer. That was a wonderful color and succes. Fortunately it is repeated in 2019 with the Kaweco AL Sport in the color Petrol.

Kaweco AL Sport Petrol fountain pen.

Petrol is a color used by many penmakers this year and this Kaweco is a great addition to a wonderful line up.

There are only 500 pieces made of this wonderful pen, which is expected to arrive in October. In order to accommodate to the collectors, we have already opened up the pre orders for the pen, so you van be sure to receive one once they are made available.

This color, I think, will be liked by many people. When I showed a picture of it to my wife, she immediately and very clearly let me know that she would very much appreciate to get one, so that’s just 499 pieces left 😉

For more information or to order yours, visit our webstore.


    • They were expected in already. Earlier this week we heard that the pens are currently being finished. Hope to have them available soon.

      • I hope so! I’m so excited and I already bought the ink I want to use. Sailor 162. I hope they are worth the wait!

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