Lamy Lx Marron Special Edition

The Lamy Lx was launched in 2016 as a luxury version of the Al Star. With a more sophisticated finish in the plating of the clip and metal top and bottom (in stead of the black plastic) and a logo it gives the pen another look. Also the Lx black steel nib was introduced with this pen and has since been used on some other Lx pens to (as the recent Studio Lx All Black)

In September we expect the first special edition in the Lx range. A warm dark brown with shiny bronze trim. Of course it will also come with the aluminum tube as the others, to keep your pen safe.

The color reminds me of the Chocolate Al Star, knowing how much sought after that pen is, I think they did a wonderful job of making a dark brown Lx with bronze color trim.

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