Lamy 2000 Bauhaus limited edition

Lamy 2000 limited edition bauhaus in blue macrolon
Lamy 2000 Bauhaus blue limited edition fountain pen

When I first heard that Lamy would come with a blue 2000, I thought it was a joke. Now I know it’s not and I’m thrilled that there will be another color in the Lamy 2000 macrolon. A dark blue, so still very subtle, not bright yellow, but a color that will do well in any environment and I think this is going to be a pen that will be sought after. With just 1919 made there are just very few available for selected retailers.

The pen will come in a gift box with an exclusive notebook included.

I can’t wait for the pen to arrive, what is expected to be September.

For more information, visit the webshop.

Lamy’s introduction text:

LAMY 2000 blue Bauhaus:
Limited edition for the Bauhaus anniversary year

100 years of Bauhaus: To this day, the legendary school of design exerts a lasting influence on architecture and design. The design philosophy of Lamy has its origins in the design principles of the Bauhaus, which was founded one hundred years ago this year. To mark the anniversary year, Lamy is dedicating a limited set of 1919 items to the Bauhaus – comprising the LAMY 2000 fountain pen as a special model in dark blue as well as a notebook with paper from the Gmund Bauhaus collection.

It has won numerous design awards and to this day it is one of the most successful Lamy models: Thanks to its timeless and functional design language, the LAMY 2000 has become a design icon, which exudes unaltered modernity even over 50 years after its market launch.

For the 2019 Bauhaus anniversary, Lamy is issuing the classic as a limited and sequentially numbered anniversary edition of 1919 items.

The characteristic body of the LAMY 2000 with the seamless brushed matte finish in elegant deep blue. With the functional, cool look of the stainless steel nib sleeve and platinum-finished nib in 14 ct gold, it forms a harmonious symbiosis. Delicate numeral engraving on the base of the mirror-polished stainless steel clip highlights the status of the writing instruments in the edition as unique items.

The Bauhaus model of the LAMY 2000 blue Bauhaus is accompanied by a notebook in high-quality design, with a colour-coordinated cover composition inspired by Bauhaus graphics by Paul Klee. The 240-page thick hardback notebook in A5 format is equipped with premium paper from the “Gmund Bauhaus Dessau” Gmund Paper collection. The pages are white, provided with soft grey lines and have a grammage of 120g/m2.

The anniversary set is rounded off with a premium gift box in a slip case and an insert that is numbered to match the fountain pen.

The LAMY 2000: Inspired by Bauhaus

At the start of the 1960s, Dr Manfred Lamy – then Marketing Manager and later longstanding Managing Director of the family company – went in search of a strategy to raise the profile of the LAMY brand and secure its long-term success. He found the relevant niche in design, or more specifically in Bauhaus, the influence of which appeared at this time in the product design of brands such as Braun and Olivetti.

When he met former Braun designer Gerd A. Müller shortly afterwards, it seemed to him that fate had brought them together, Manfred Lamy remembers: “We then soon defined a joint project: to design a fountain pen in the Bauhaus tradition.”

The LAMY 2000 arrived on the market in 1966. It proved to be ground breaking – both for the industry and for the LAMY brand. “The LAMY 2000 was an outlier, a new type, which had a very modern form compared with the products in existence at that time,” Lamy says. “For those days, it was a brave decision to make such a product,” as fountain pens were then traditionally opulently designed status symbols – the functional, reduced LAMY 2000 was therefore a completely alternative concept.

The new fountain pen made LAMY a brand with recognition value. It defined the design philosophy that characterises the product design of Lamy to this day. Consistently functional and reduced to the essential – entirely in the spirit of the Bauhaus style: form follows function.

LAMY 2000 “100 Years of Bauhaus” – Limited Edition, set comprising a LAMY 2000 blue Bauhaus piston fountain pen and notebook in a premium gift box,

  • Brushed matte polycarbonate and stainless steel piston fountain pen
  • Mirror-polished solid polished clip
  • Platinum-finished 14 ct gold nib
  • Nib thickness: EF
  • 240-page A5 notebook with “Bauhaus” paper from Gmund Paper
  • Folding pocket inside the back cover
  • Two fabric ribbons as bookmarks, elastic closer strap and writing instrument loop to attach the fountain pen

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