Pelikan M800 Brown Black

Pelikan M800 Brown Black fountain pen

With recent releases of the M1005 Stresemann and M205 Star Ruby, now it’s the turn for the ever popular M800 sized Pelikan.

A warm brown resin cap, section and piston knob and section with black and brown lines in cellulose acetate. The 24k gold plated trim complements the overall look of the pen.

The M800 Brown Black is a special edition which is expected to arrive mid October and you can reserve yours already, in order to ensure you will receive one with your preferred nib, as soon as the pens become available.

For more information or to reserve one, visit our webstore.

Pen dimensions:
Length capped: 141mm
Length posted: 164mm
Length uncapped: 128mm
Weight capped: 29gr

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