Fontoplumo X Art Jacobs – a true Delft combo

As of today, Fontoplumo is launching a special product both to its physical and online store. The product has a unique and special connection to Delft – the city in which we decided to get settled.

At Fontoplumo, we love to equip you with the best possible pen. In order to protect this valuable purchase, we have a wide variety of pen cases, pouches and sleeves in our collection. Here is the good news: that pen sleeve collection is about to get expanded. Fontoplumo will join forces with Art Jacobs and Rickshaw to create a series of special edition pen sleeves in four sizes suitable for one up to ten pens.

The sleeve designs are inspired by Delft, a city that is characterized both by history as well as cutting edge technology and a contemporary spirit – a combination of concepts that very much suits our philosophy of pens. The artist we have decided to work with for this first series of sleeves, unsurprisingly, has a similar vision that he expresses in his artworks.

René Jacobs’ work is characterized by originality, a contemporary view, as well as a healthy amount of humor. He’s a true master of appropriation. With respect for the famous masterpieces that he is inspired by, he modernizes their works in a bold manner. Jacobs is a diverse artist whose work cannot be limited to a single description or style. We feel drawn to his work exactly because of this. His Girl with the Pearl Earring, Lady with Ray Ban, and William of Orange summarize the quintessence of Delft history, with a twist.

The manufacturer that we chose to work with for the production of the pen sleeves, inevitably had to be Rickshaw. Their products, all made in their small San Francisco warehouse, are distinguished by their simple, functional design and high-quality materials and construction. Their fabrics are manufactured in the USA, with sustainability and long- lasting performance in mind. For anyone on the lookout for a pen sleeve that is not made of leather, this sleeve is the perfect, animal friendly alternative.

The collection of special edition Fontoplumo X Art Jacobs pen sleeves is now available at Fontoplumo. Come have a look to see which one is your favorite.

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