Lamy Al-Star Turmaline is the special edition for 2020

For 2020 Lamy brings us the Al-Star in Turmaline. A nice lively color, we’re very excited about.

As previous editions, available as fountain pen (with Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad nibs, all at the same price) a ballpoint, rollerball pen. Also ink cartridges, ink in bottle and even a matching notebook will be introduced. We’ll add those to the webstore as soon as we can.

This year the Al-Star special edition is expected for delivery in March, but you don’t have to wait until than to reserve yours.

We have been able to see the Turmaline and hold it in our hands so we put is aside the 2018 Al-Star Pacific. Although the color is close, it is clear the turmaline has a more green and warm color.

Available for pre order in the webshop now.

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