Santini Italiana pens, now available

The Santini brand is relatively unknown, but without reason, because they make wonderful pens. Both, the pen body and their 18 carat gold nibs are all made in house and each pen is tested individually.

We have been more or less following the brand for a while and after having ordered a few test pens last year, we were convinced. Their pens would be a great addition to our assortment and luckily they were open for us to retail their pens.

We’re starting with initial stock with a selection of their models and nibs. In the beginning I expect the leadtime for pens not in stock, will up to be about 3 to 4 weeks, as we may restock monthly to start with.

The selection of materials and nib widths is very good, add to that a very reasonable price and we expect this will receive a growing fanbase soon.

The Libra model features a piston filling system and is available in resin and in ebonite (in limited editions of 33 pieces per color) and the Toscana comes in a wide range of colors and features a cartridge converter filling system.

Find out more in our webstore.

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