Lamy Safari 2020 colors – Candy

Lamy Safari 2020 edition in Aquamarine, Mango and Violet

Pictures have been spreading the internet for a little while already, what only shows how popular the Lamy Safari special editions have become.

Starting today we will have the Safari 2020 editions open for pre order.

The pens come in 3 colors (as was done in 2019 also), which are Aquamarine, Mango and Violet. Together they are named Candy.

Some people may think, the Aquamarine and Violet, they look like some special editions from the past. Having seen the pens live, I can only say that they are very different from the shiny Aquamarin of many years ago and much lighter than the Dark Lilac (which moreover has black finishing)

The Safari 2020 is made of the rougher ABS, like the Umbra and 3 special editions from recent years, Dark Lilac, Petrol and All Black. In addition, these have the clip and all exterior plastic parts in the color to match the pen. The Safari 2020 Candy edition is furthermore available as a fountain pen (with Fine or Medium nib) ballpoint pen and rollerball.

Pens and ink are available for pre order now.

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