Leonardo Momento Zero fountain pens
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Leonardo Momento Zero fountain pens

Posted on 24-3-2018 by Frank
A new brand to the fountain pen industry, made by people with a long history in the industry and in pen making.
The full name of the brand is Leonardo Officina Italiana and they have launched a model with very classic looks, called Momento Zero. A very appropriate name I think, for the model, design and moment.
We like these pens and did not have to think long whether to add them to our offering. In this YouTube video we'll show some details of the pens and we are happy to answer any questions you may have on these pens.

The Momento Zero is available as a Limited Edition in celluloid (Abyss or Blue) and in ebonite. The Limited Edition pens come with a 14k gold nib and a piston filling mechanish. And there is a numbered edition, in resin (blue or horn) with a steel nib and cartridge converter filling system. Below the resin versions in blue and in horn.

Leonardo Momento Zero Positano Leonardo Momento Zero Horn

For more information, visit the fountain pen section for Leonaro in our shop

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