Introducing Radius Superior Primissima Series @ Fontoplumo
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Introducing Radius Superior Primissima Series

Posted on 26-12-2020 by Frank
It’s second day of Christmas today, what may make it extra special but at any day we’d be happy to let you know:

With great proud we are now offering the first series of a relaunch which has been in the making for a while.
Radius is BACK!

In the 1930 this was a brand with a very recognizable style in the Italian fountain pen industry. Little is known about the brand today, but we expect much more will be known from the date of the relaunch in 2020.
Radius is launching with a Primissima Series in five colors, each limited to 12 pieces, so 60 in total.
This Primissima Series is very much inspired by the original of the 1930. 
What I first noticed was the cap band and clip which also decorated the original Superior model.
We’re extremely proud to be able and offer these and add to the future fame of the Radius Superior pens.
The series are a made in an oversized model and fitted with a piston mechanism and 14k gold nib in sizes EF – F- M – B and Stub.
The five colors of the relaunch of Radius Superior model are inspired by the Cinque Terre, part of the UNESCO world heritage, five villages along the Italian coast.

• Corniglia Black
• Manarola Amber
• Monterosso Red
• Riomaggiore Blue
• Vernazza Green
With such a strong introduction at the end of 2020, we very much look forward to what 2021 will bring.

Radius Superior Primissima Series

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