Delta Hippocratica Civitas
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Delta Hippocratica Civitas

Posted on 31-3-2013 by Frank
Around the ninth century, in a multicultural context, arose the School of Medicine, which tradition says was founded by four masters: an Arab, a Jew, a Latin and Greek. It enjoyed enormous prestige throughout the middle Ages. The city of Salerno was a must for those wishing to learn the art of medicine or seek treatment from its famous doctors. 
In this context, 2 pens have been introduced (there already was a Hippocratica with Fusion nib). The first pen features a cartridge / converter filling system, 18k gold nib and sterling silver rings rhodium plated (as are the clip and medal in the cap).
The second version features a piston filling system, 18k gold nib and 24k gold plated, sterling silver, rings (as are the clip and medal). This last version (1KS) is pictured below. 

Delta Hippocratica Civitas fountain pen capped

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