Kaweco Sport Coral Guilloche
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Kaweco Sport Coral Guilloche

Posted on 28-1-2020 by Frank
If you can dream it, you can do it. (Walt Disney)

It is hardly a revelation… At Fontoplumo, we love vibrancy. Bright and lively colours make us happy. The thrill that such colours provide, brings a wealth of joy and energy to the quotidien. Quality matters, detail matters, but most of all: colour brings something extra.

Our latest Fontoplumo Special is consistent with that same love for liveliness. Its colour is inspired by a particularly beautiful story. When on a holiday to Valencia, Spain, during a subway ride, we reflected on a colour, contained in a ring that is very dear to us. Its colour inspired us to do more, which is why we dedicate our latest special to it.

The Kaweco Sport Coral Guilloche Fountain Pen – Fontoplumo Exclusive is a very portable fountain pen. It travels along easily in any bag, pen case, or pocket.

Like previous Fontoplumo specials, the Coral Guilloche is a unique, special edition of Kaweco Sport, which is exclusively available at Fontoplumo. We launch the Coral Guilloche with both silver and gold trim options. Yet this time, in addition to selecting the pen’s unique colour, we have decided to add a pattern to the pen: the guilloche. It was frequently used in the early 20th century, yet in those days, the pens were usually black.

Why coral & guilloche
Coral represents the brightness of life, and most remarkably the sea, and the coral reefs that it was named after. The colour is contemporary in all possible manners. It stands out, it is fresh, it is bright, it energises, and additionally, has a softness about it.

Guilloche is a pattern that originated in a decorative technique invented around the 17th century. The pattern is characteristically very precise, intricate and repetitive, and can be used in a large variety of contexts and applications. To the Kaweco Sport Coral Guilloche, the pattern adds a sense of depth, intricacy and craftsmanship, giving this principally modern pen a subtly traditional touch.

About Kaweco & Fontoplumo
Kaweco Sport fountain pens are traditionally available in a range of standard colours. We launched our first Fontoplumo-produced special in collaboration with Kaweco in 2018. It was a bright yellow edition called Sunrise (with silver detail) and the Sunset (with gold details). Those pens are fully sold out and still sought after by many.

The details
Brand: Kaweco
Model: Sport
Name: Coral Guilloche
Available with silver & gold inscription

Kaweco Sport Coral Guilloche fountain pen is exclusive to Fontoplumo. Made out of a bright coral plastic with silver or gold colour trim and steel nib.
Available for Pre Order starting today. Delivery expected 2nd half of January Late last week, our special edition Kaweco Coral Guilloche arrived. It is beautiful.

Below some images of the pens, from all sides, including a matching pencase we had made by Rickshaw.

More information is available here.

Kaweco Sport Coral Guilloche

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