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Leonardo Muses intro and video

Leonardo Muses intro and video
Posted on 31-3-2021 by Frank
Four places belonging to the "Evo antico" that surround Mount "Vesuvius" the volcano that erupted and destroyed these civilizations in 79 (1st century BC) covering them with ash and mud.

The ancient Roman and Samnite civilizations populated these places giving life to:
- Oplontis (metal parts in precious rhodium)
- Pompeii (metal parts in gold trim)
- Stabia (metal parts in precious rhodium)
- Herculaneum (metal parts in rose gold trim)

4 fountain pens limited to only 40 pieces per color, with a large #8 size gold nib.

Piston filling system with huge capacity 1.5ml.
Ebonite feed manufactured and designed in the Leonardo workshop.

The central band and the ring on the final part of the pen represent the decoration belonging to the period known in the history of art as "Geometric Art" and therefore means the production of decorations of the Greek civilization between 900 and 700 BC, which takes the name from the term traditionally used for ceramics, production of the same period.

Each MZ Grande fountain pen includes a 40ml ink bottle and is guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defects.

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