What did I do this summer?
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What did I do this summer?

What did I do this summer?
Posted on 25-9-2021 by Frank
As a pen user myself, this summer had two wonderful gifts in store for me.

After not having been able to go last year, we were very excited to go back to Portugal this summer. We have visited Portugal a few times before and when there we also take a day to visit the capital, Lisbon. It is a bit over an hour’s drive by public transport and a wonderful city to visit. As a person who is into pens, of course we visit any pen shop we can when in another place. In a high-end shopping street in Lisbon, there is also a Montblanc boutique and upon entering, we were greeted by a very kind lady, who showed us around and helped in my search. Knowing the pens from current lines, we asked if she has any older special editions she could show us.
And there it was, in a special corner in the shop, my eye was drawn to it immediately. The Homer limited edition writer’s edition, in orange/red and gold. I then knew, I really like this pen and it had to go home with me, which it fortunately did.

(stock image)

Nice pens deserve a nice case and with my trustworthy Visconti 3 pen case being well over its 15th birthday and traveled with me on many trips, it was time for a new pencase. This time however, I preferred something with a bit more color.
Through a friend I was referred to GlamorUnique, they show many of their products on their Instagram page and it just showed the quality and craftsmanship.
Fortunately they already have a pencase design they make and all I had to do is chose the colors I’d like to have it in. After that, it is a 4 week wait and the custom and handmade pencase is ready. The communication in between is very good and the craftsmanship is outstanding.
Next to pencases they make a wide range of other leather goods which you can see on their Instagram page (link)
That is also how you can get in contact with them.
I’m not getting any commission, merely a very happy customer, sharing my experience with them.

I think this is my first post on this blog where I share experience and items from my personal shopping experiences. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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