Dutch Pen Show 2022
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Dutch Pen Show 2022

Dutch Pen Show 2022
Posted on 18-6-2022 by Frank
The 3rd edition of the Dutch Pen Show (DPS) took place Sunday 12 June in Utrecht the Netherlands. The show was fully sold out with 500 visitors and many vendors from across Europe.

The DPS attracted a wide variety of vendors, Dutch and Belgian specialized pen shops, manufacturers from all over Europe and many people with used and vintage pens, and accessories of course like ink, pencases etc. This wide variance makes it a wonderful occasion to visit for any pen aficionado.

For Fontoplumo it was the second time we attended and decided to sponsor the show from now on.

We brought a small selection of our assortment with the focus on pens we released and will release for our 10th Anniversary year in 2022. These are the Leonardo Momento Magico pens in rosso and verde celluloid which were launched earlier in the year and sold out fast, the Kaweco Sport Chocolate, which is out now and a to be released Sailor Pro Gear Slim Pixiedust in a light grey and orange color with metashine (sparkles of pixiedust). People got especially excited about this pen and the color combination.

Next to these, we were very happy we could do a global introduction of a new model by Gioia, Capodimonte, in 2 resin materials and 3 ebonite versions. These take a stap away from the flat shapes we know so well from Gioia as these have a cigar shape. The pens were received very well at the show and we expect great things. They are due to be released later this summer.

Another brand we focused on was Kilk, a few days before the show we received the delivery with 2 existing models but in new colorway, the Novo Baroque all brown with gold coated trim and the Celestial in all purple resin, and a new model Orient in a pearlescent orange resin. Also, these were very well received.

With so many visitors, this was a wonderful day to meet and speak with so many people about pens, experiences, and expectations. Although we meet people in our store in Delft, there are many we don’t get to meet and this day makes it possible.

Even though we had little time to walk around, I could not leave the show without buying a pen for myself. I got a nice cigar shaped pen in mustard yellow ebonite from Able Snail.

Hope to see many of the people again next year or possibly at another penshow throughout the year.

1 table was reserved for the 4 pens we had made for our 10th anniversary and of course some real chocolate, to go with the Kaweco Sport pen

Me, talking with the representative from Lamy, who was also at the show to show people what Lamy has to offer

An overview of the show venue with the tables of Akkerman Amsterdam on the right

The new Kilk pens in the middle of the picture and the to be introduced Gioia Capodimonte in the left center

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