And all of a sudden, there are vintage pens at Fontoplumo?
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And all of a sudden, there are vintage pens at Fontoplumo?

And all of a sudden, there are vintage pens at Fontoplumo?
Posted on 15-8-2022 by Frank
Since about a week, used and vintage pens started showing up at the I Need A Pen section of our website and although we have offered few in the past, the number of pens and the age is much more varied now.
How did this come to life you may wonder, let me try to tell you this story.

I Need A Pen is created to offer pens from around the world and from the past. We have added a few Italian and Japanese pens from a customer we know well, but that still fits the assortment we’re known for.
Currently we are adding pens like a 1992 Omas Europa, a Parker and a Montblanc 146 green striated. That’s new and here is what lead to this.

A few months ago, a gentleman of respectable age with his wife visited our shop in Delft, just to look around and see who we are. While in fact, what I learned the 2nd time we met, they were scouting the store and me to see if I would be trustworthy enough and respectful to help the gentleman significantly reduce his large and varied collection of pens which took a lifetime to build.

We have met a few times we started this adventure of vintage pens. It was also a good time for me, as I was thinking of this and for quite a while, but never really made this step. Now, with a couple of people as wonderful as they are and a very varied collection as he has, this is an excellent way to dip my toes in the big ocean of vintage.

For now we are working hard to get his collection up for sale. We had the Montblanc Green striated pens properly serviced and currently some vintage Parker pens are being serviced to which will be added after our holidays.
Next to this also expect some vintage cheaper but nice Montblanc fountain pens, Aurora Hastils, older Lamy’s etc etc.

It makes me feel very proud to be vetted and approved by Mr H and Mrs N for the noble task of trying to find new homes for a wonderful collection so long loved and curated.

Expect more vintage coming in the next months on the I Need A Pen section of our webstore.

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