LAMY AL-star 2023 special edition
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LAMY AL-star 2023 special edition

LAMY AL-star 2023 special edition
Posted on 1-2-2023 by Frank
In previous years, with the special editions of the safari, LAMY has introduced multiple colors together.
This theme has now come to the AL-star, with not one but two special editions for 2023. The two special colors for this year are lilac and petrol. These colors make me think of the very popular safari colors of a few years back, the dark lilac and petrol and they also expanded this color theme to the xevo ballpoint pens, which are also available as a special edition in burgundy and blue.
All different shades, but there does seems to be a color theme.
The AL-Star lilac and petrol are expected to arrive in February and we have them available for pre order now.
The fountain pen is available with Extra Fine, Fine and Medium nib and they also come in roller and ballpoint pens.

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