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New Sailor Pro Gear Mini pens 'version 2'

New Sailor Pro Gear Mini pens 'version 2'
Posted on 14-11-2020 by Frank

Earlier this year the Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini became available for the European market and now Sailor already comes with a slightly updated version AND 6 new colors.?The Mini is an adorable small pen with a 14k gold nib and becomes a good size when posted.

The original Mini has a screw on cap and in order to post the pen, you have to screw the cap onto the back of the pen.

The updated version also has a screw cap, but in order to post it you just slide it onto the back.
At first I was wondering if the cap would sit tight on the back, it does. The cap feels very secure when posted.

The ‘Version 2’ as I call it, has few more differences. 
The gold trim is slightly less yellow as the previous, it even looks silver on some pictures, but is really is a gold coated trim and the pen is a few millimeter longer.
The ‘version 1’ is 106mm capped and 132mm posted
The ‘version 2’ is 109mm capped and 138mm posted

It comes in these 6 colors:
- Ayur Blue
- Ayur Grey
- Beni White
- Night Blue
- Puff Brown
- Zyne Pink

The first series is available as long as stock lasts.
For more information, check the individual products on our webshop.

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