Conid Monarch Minimalistica Bulkfiller vulpen
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Conid Monarch Minimalistica Bulkfiller vulpen

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Conid Nib
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Met deze pen, brengen Fontoplumo en Conid hulde aan oranje, de kleur welke geassocieerd wordt met het Nederlandse volk en het koninklijk huis. Volgens legend hebben pioniers uit Nederland en Engeland, na een reis over de Atlantische oceaan bij hun aankomst in Amerika een prachtige oranje vlinder gezien. Geïnspireerd door de pracht en de kleur, hebben ze deze Monarch genoemd, naar Willem van Oranje, welke destijds ook koning van Engeland was. De vlinder is daarnaast een symbool voor transformatie. Met dit in gedachten, hopen we dat de Monarch pen je zal helpen om persoonlijke verandering te omarmen en je begeleiden op het pad naar je dromen en verlangens. De Conid Monarch Bulkfiller vulpen is een genummerde editie.

Dit product is niet meer leverbaar en dient als voorbeeld van speciale edities welke bij ons beschikbaar waren.


Lengte137 mm
Lengte zonder dop126 mm
Lengte gepost160 mm
Gewicht met dop26 gr
Jaar van introductie2018
Limited editionNee


KWZ Monarch vulpen inkt 60ml
11,16 13,50 Incl. BTW

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4.9/5 14 reviews
Geplaatst op 02-10-2019

Very excellent customer service. A gentleman to the core in his dealings. Thanks Mr frank

Geplaatst op 28-09-2019

Manufactured to tight tolerance, and you can feel that every part fits just right. Finishing is good as well, but you can tell that it is an engineer's pen, finishing is enough but not excessive. I went for a standard F Bock Stainless nib and it writes nice and wet out of the box. Orange ebonite ends are a nice touch, and it's a natural material so there are some grains when you look at it through a loupe, but I prefer it to plastic. In fact, I think other than the piston material, there are not a lot of plastic on this pen. Filling system is amazing to use - that's what Conid is famous for anyway. I like this pen. More than I expect. I feel like this won't be my last Conid pen at the rate it is going. Thanks Fontoplumo for carrying this LE pen in a nice color combination.

Geplaatst op 25-08-2019

Probably my favorite pen—and that's saying an awful lot. Frank was timely and extremely helpful in communicating. Quick shipping.

Geplaatst op 24-06-2019

My grail pen all through was Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age. I have come across Conid and was head over heels for this product. I immediately contacted the Conid website and the waiting time was excruciating - not complaining. But could not wait up to September which was the delivery period expected as on May 2019. It was then I searched for the Special editions and I made up my mind that I would buy it from Fontoplumo. Corresponded with Frank, a wonderful person to deal with. On getting the answers to my queries, I have pulled the trigger with a specific request for ensuring the delivery on 22.6 being my birthday. Inspite of the technical delays, I got the same delivered on the dot. I was given a complimentary Ink Bottle and the shipment was done by DHL Express contrary to the policy that I would be entitled for it free only if the order value exceeds 400. This could not have happened but for Frank. Loved dealing with Fontoplumo. As far as the Conid Pen is concerned it is just wonderful. Even with a steel medium nib it is a pleasure writing with it. Fantastic pen and equally fantastic service."

Geplaatst op 15-02-2019

This is is my first Conid and based on my experience so far it will not be my last. While I prefer nibs that offer up some resistance on the page, I'm enjoying this one's glassy smoothness on toothier paper. The Fontoplumo x Conid collab on the color scheme makes a unique pen even more so without any over the top cobranding. Pen arrived safely packaged. That's all for typing....itching to get back to the pen.

Geplaatst op 05-02-2019

I'm already biased as a Conid fan but am so happy with this numbered edition that Fontoplumo and Conid agreed on. The precision and elegance of these pens are super and the Minimilistica particularly fits my hand in weight and length, the balance is just right. I particularly like the opportunity to have a demonstrator with a splash of colour as most Conids come in shades of silver, grey and black, and the orange is quite muted but bright enough, not ostentatious. The contrast between the perfectly engineered lines of the pen and the fluid shapes and drops of the ink inside is wonderful. Of course you get that with many demonstrators but Conid's attention to detail makes a difference to me. With the comfort, balance and large ink capacity these pens are EDC for me. If you are thinking about Conid it is worth trying to try one before you buy so either head to a pen show where they will be or someone might have one, or else try and visit them by prior arrangement. I think they are worth the investment, real quality. As usual the pen writes perfectly out of the box and Frank at Fontoplumo made a special effort to get me the particular number pen I was after with fast shipping to Australia so five stars all round!

Geplaatst op 04-02-2019

This pen is a dream to write. Frank is easy to deal with. He replies inquiries with no delay. Will definitely buy more from him. I wish he would carry the other Conid Pens.

Geplaatst op 31-01-2019

I love my Conid Monarch minimalistica bulkfiller. After a few days I've got the hang of capping it. The system with the o-ring in the cap is different from all other pens I have. I ordered my pen with the titanium fine nib, so I can use it every day, also on not very fountain pen friendly office paper. It's inked with KWZ monarch, a perfect match and I love the shading of the ink, even with this fine nib (more towards the Japanese fine than the average European fine). Now I just have to make sure I'm not looking at the ink walzing in the barrel all day. Thanks Frank and Conid!

Geplaatst op 28-01-2019

Just another stunning Conid fountain pen. Well engineered and fantastic tuned nib. I'm not a big fan of orange, but the coloured accents on this pen are not to much. They honour a meaningful common past for Flanders and the Netherlands. Big advantage is the shorter waiting time compared to ordering a traditional Conid. Fontoplumo managed to get one of the best pen brands in an exclusive version and complements it with a great and friendly service

Geplaatst op 22-01-2019

I've wanted a Conid Minimalistica for a while, and didn't really want to wait. I also wanted an orange pen, so this was pretty much the perfect way to do it. The pen itself is amazingly built, and the filling mechanism is by far my favourite of any pen I've ever tried. I got a medium nib along with the pen, and I wasn't expecting it to be glass smooth. I was kind of intimidated by it at first, since most of my pens have feedback. It took me a while to learn to write with the glassy smooth nib, at first I didn't feel in control, but it's actially very pleasant. Ultimately, I still really enjoy feeling the paper I'm writing on. My only gripe about the Minimalistica is the capping mechanism. Sometimes it's hard to pull it out, sometimes it's not. But overall I'm very pleased with it, and I look forward to how I can customize my Monarch Minimalistica.

Geplaatst op 30-12-2018

Perfect size and all the ingenuity of the Conid design (bulkfiller). Well built and great for long writing. I own two Kingsize bulkfillers which I love, but this is a more manageable size. And ordering through Fonto means no wait time as from Conid directly.

Geplaatst op 26-10-2018

What can I say, it's a Conid. Great pen and the ef nib is amazing! Fontoplumo shipping was quick and the whole process was painless. Thanks so much Frank! I'd Recommend Fontoplumo to my grandma!

Geplaatst op 08-05-2018

I have had this pen a few weeks now and I am really enjoying using it. It has a stylish y modern look and the finish is excellent with great attention to details like the small air hole on the cap to make it easier to take on and off. The size and balance are perfect for my style of writing. I got an extra fine grind steel nib which is very smooth. The service from Fontoplumo was also great, I had a few questions before I bought the pen and Frank was really helpful. Thoroughly recommended.

Geplaatst op 05-04-2018

This fountain pen is worth every Euro! Very special and interesting design, high quality, and it writes like a dream (just a steel Bock nib, but perfectly tuned). As usual, great service from Frank!

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