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Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Zand - EF

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Leonardo Momento Zero Grande vulpen is een maatje groter dan de reguliere Momento Zero.
Gemaakt uit edelhars is dit een klassiek vormgegeven pen met een dunnere clip welke verwijst naar de clip op Italiaanse pennen uit de jaren 1930. De Leonardo Momento Zero Grande is voorzien van een piston vulsysteem met een max capaciteit van 1.5ml en kan worden geleverd met een stalen of een gouden penpunt.

Een familietraditie welke wordt voortgezet.
Met meer dan 45 jaar ervaring in het veld van schrijfinstrumenten, doorgegeven van vader naar zoon., van generatie naar generatie. Leonardo Officina Italiana werkt aan objecten geïnspireerd door de emotie en het verleden. Kijkend naar de oude vulsystemen en materialen welke het vakmanschap al zo lang tonen. De Leonardo pennen hebben een ziel, menselijke warmte wat alleen overbracht kan worden door de passie welke er mee samen gaat. Elke Leonardo pen wordt met de hand gemaakt, in Italië en gaat gepaard met een levenslange garantie tegen fabricage fouten.


Lengte151 mm
Lengte zonder dop136 mm
Lengte gepost174 mm
Gewicht met dop31 gr
Gewicht zonder dop20 gr
SerieMomento Zero Grande
Jaar van introductie2019
Limited editionNee


Leonardo piston gereedschap
24,79 30,00 Incl. BTW
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0,00 0,00 Incl. BTW


4.7/5 7 reviews
Geplaatst op 21-04-2020

A really lovely fountain pen, froma really lovely (web)shop! Fontoplumo delivers!

Geplaatst op 23-02-2020

This was a gift for my husband and it is truly lovely. Thank you so much for your help and fast shipping as well.

Geplaatst op 01-02-2020

Just taken delivery of a Momento Zero Grande in Sand. The material is stunning and the broad steel nib is exceptional. On top of this, the service from Fontoplumo has been perfect. This will certainly not be the last purchase from Frank and probably not the last Momento Zero Grande!

Geplaatst op 11-01-2020

The fountain pen looks good, feels well and writes out of the box!! The grip section might look uncomfortable, but it isn't. Got this one with the steel nib and it was the right decision. Thanks to Frank, who chose the right ""EF""-nib :)

Geplaatst op 10-12-2019

I draw and sketch with my fountain pens. Below is an appraisal of whether my needs were met: Nib, Steel #6 Ef + Ebonite Feed:
The nib although designated as an Ef produces a thick, fine to medium line out of the box. The tipping on the nib is substantial so when I get time, I'll grind it down to my requirements. For now I've reduced the flow by counter crossing the tines. This gives me an improved line, however it's not a perfect solution. Having to work on a nib fresh out of the box is frustrating, however for people unused to tinkering it might be a deal breaker.
I cannot fault the ebonite feed.
Score 2/5
Size: I hold pens midway up the barrel, kind of like holding a paint brush. So I do prefer large pens that can be posted. This pen is perfect.
Score: 5/5
Shape: On the rare occasions that I adjust to holding the pen from the section, I have no problems. For those who cut or bruise easily over sharp or noticeable threads, grow a pair or use a Bic! However, for you flowers that are concerned with such issues... Well, I don't care! Buy the pen and find out for yourself! This is a tool and should be used as such, I've not yet come across a guitarist, labourer, painter, sculptor, bricklayer etc. across the gender spectrum who doesn't have calluses!
Weight: Not an issue! I don't draw in small sketchbooks with 5Kg weights or a mallet (an interesting notion though, that I might try out in the future). If a few grams here or there matters to you, well, grow a pair... For a few of you I realise, that'll mean you'll be attempting to grow two pairs! Good luck with that!
Score 5/5
Maintenance: Although the large capacity converter cannot be removed, the nib and feed can be removed easily by pulling them straight out of the section. This allows easy flushing of the converter. This is ideal for all you gentle souls who like to change ink colours depending on the feng shui resonance of your inner child auras. For the adults among you who only use black ink, this isn't an issue.
Also the ease with the nib and feed can be removed means you can swap out nibs from other brands.
Score 5/5
Looks: Ok... This is the only category where I'm going to concede that I'm a delicate, soft, precious, petal! I have this pen in the sand resin, my version looks like greenheart wood or green/yellow pine sap wood. A nice looking resin on a par with any other piece of nice looking plastic.
Score 5/5
Value: Not great value, but just about reasonable with Frank's occasional discounts. I had to work on the nib to get it to function close to the Ef it's supposed to be. That's time and effort put in where it shouldn't have been necessary. As an example, Pelikan Ef M1000 nibs are commonly as wide as generic fine nibs, the Ef I have in my version of this Leonardo is even wider, closer to a medium. For me this is a detraction.
I got this model with a discount from Fontoplumo. Ask Frank if there are discount codes available from the orange ""Hello, how can I help"" popup at the bottom right of the Fontoplumo website.
Score: 3/5
A really good pen on many levels, however, my version is let down by an incorrect nib width classification.
Score: 4/5
Finally: A shout out to Frank @ Fontoplumo. Frank's service is superb and keep an eye out for his astonishing discount offers especially on high end pens. Definitely a site to frequent.

Geplaatst op 03-12-2019

I really like the color and the finish of this pen. The color reminds me of cement gray or sand at the beach. I got a med. steel nib on my pen and it writes perfect. nice and wet with good flow. no issues out of the box. I used De Atrametis cement gray ink. I now have 4 different finishes of the mz grande pens really like them a lot. very nice price also.

Geplaatst op 18-09-2019

As always - it's been a delight purchasing this fountain pen from Frank at Fontoplumo - a most professional and friendly service. I love this new line from Leonardo - as a fan of the Momento Zero range, I am hugely impressed with the Grande. Slightly larger than the standard Momento Zero it still fits comfortably in the hand and is a pleasure to write with - even on long writing sessions. The addition of the piston filler and the large ink capacity combined with the absolutely beautiful Sand resin, with its sophisticated shades and lines, all make for a perfect combination. The steel nibs on the Momento Zero range - my preference is for a fine nib - are perfectly tuned. I hope Leonardo continue with the Grande range - I already have my eye on the dark Hawaii"

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