Aurora vulpen inkt in potje 45ml
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Aurora vulpen inkt in potje 45ml

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5/5 3 reviews
Geplaatst op 24-01-2023

I have been collecting and writing with vintage and modern fountain pens for 25 years. Aurora ink is simply in my view the finest fountain pen ink on the market. This ink has stood the test of time. As part of the path that physicians take it states “ first do no harm” and this is precisely what this in does. This and perhaps Waterman is the only ink I would put in a vintage pen. The ink is free flowing not too wet and not too dry and seems to have recuperative effects in problematic pens or finicky pens. I have had pens that I have had nibmeisters work on when the nib and feed would not flow well and the problem still persisted. Once I used Aurora in the problematic ink the problem was solved. I have also found that once a feed has been saturated with Aurora ink after several fillings the results can be extraordinary. For me the range of colors also work. The black and blue are my favorite. You simply cannot go wrong with this ink. I highly recommend.

Geplaatst op 18-01-2023

When I started looking for a black ink, I quickly understood that there was no such thing as "black", an abstract concept not even real with eyes closed in outer space. I thought I knew why an artist like Soulages migh have been obsessed with it : "black" ink #1 would appear grey or slightly colored compared to #2, which would quickly lose its status as "real black" once superseded by #3... etc. All of which turned out to be dark greys at best. But in this imperfect world, I have to say Aurora Black is as close as I ever could be to the real thing... It's obviously even better with a wet nib. It has behaved very well in all my pens too. It's expensive but I would buy it again, even if I have to pay the same ludicrously high shipping costs (equal to the price of the product for continental Europe !).
However... I also understood why the bottle was shipped wrapped in inktight platic : it did spill and I probably lost 2 or 3 small (converter) refills on the side, not to mention a good half-hour spent washing my hands with washing-powder and then regular soap. The bottle did come with an extra plastic cap too but that wasn't enough (is their new design better ? is the ink so lubricated it is more likely to spill ?). For that reason too I would prefer to buy it in a shop but it's apparently unavailable in physical stores in France. In any case next time I refill I'll be wearing thin plastic gloves just in case...

Geplaatst op 25-09-2020

Deep black!
This is so far my favourite black ink. It has a deep blackness that I was looking for. The bottle design also ensures that my piston filled pen can easily dip into it. Very satisfied!

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