Conid Monarch Kingsize Bulkfiller vulpen
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Conid Monarch Kingsize Bulkfiller vulpen

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Conid Nib
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Met deze pen, brengen Fontoplumo en Conid hulde aan oranje, de kleur welke geassocieerd wordt met het Nederlandse volk en het koninklijk huis. Volgens legend hebben pioniers uit Nederland en Engeland, na een reis over de Atlantische oceaan bij hun aankomst in Amerika een prachtige oranje vlinder gezien. Geïnspireerd door de pracht en de kleur, hebben ze deze Monarch genoemd, naar Willem van Oranje, welke destijds ook koning van Engeland was.  De vlinder is daarnaast een symbool voor transformatie. Met dit in gedachten, hopen we dat de Monarch pen je zal helpen om persoonlijke verandering te omarmen en je begeleiden op het pad naar je dromen en verlangens.  De Conid Monarch Bulkfiller vulpen is een genummerde editie.

Dit product is niet meer leverbaar en dient als voorbeeld van speciale edities welke bij ons beschikbaar waren.


Lengte142 mm
Lengte zonder dop137 mm
Lengte gepost170 mm
Gewicht met dop41 gr
Jaar van introductie2016
Limited editionNee


KWZ Monarch vulpen inkt 60ml
11,16 13,50 Incl. BTW


4.7/5 7 reviews
Geplaatst op 21-11-2020

This pen was my first Conid pen. I learned about the brand later than most people and was fortunate to grab one from Frank's last shipment. The Monarch is a beautiful pen in every way and the bulkfilling system, although a little difficult to figure out at first, the pen not being see through, is easy to master once you get it. I think it's a fantastic idea that Conid changed out the section to a titanium section to prevent staining. I love writing with the Monarch. The excellent purchase was complimented by Frank's outstanding service. I will look forward to buying a few more pens from Frank

Geplaatst op 01-02-2020

This pen is more like a work of art and was created by true artisans. The Monarch has a special feel in my hand and is a pleasure to write with. The details on the pen are exquisite and the fine nib writes smoothly on my Clairfontaine paper . Even with other nice pens by me I don't want to put it down. This collaboration between Fontoplumo and Conid has resulted in a unique writing instrument. I would also like to give 5 stars to Fontoplumo. Frank provides excellent customer service and it is obvious that he adds a touch of class to everything. I look forward to exploring and experiencing more of their special editions pens. CaZimiir

Geplaatst op 27-09-2019

This is my favorite pen. I have a lot in my collection and this pen writes perfect out of the box. I used the Monarch KWZ ink for my first fill. I also really like the color of this pen. reminds me of a vintage color from 75 + years ago. Classic color. This is my first ebonite pen. I think I picked a winner. great pen Frank was a pleasure to deal with. Will buy from him again.

Geplaatst op 17-07-2019

I have been collecting modern fountain pens for several years and I already possess three Conids. When I discovered that an orange, ebonite, kingsize model was available I simply had to have one. Orange is my favourite colour and I love the warm feel of ebonite with its friendly, sulphurous aroma. " My Monarch is in a refined, dusky hue, not the garish, citric colour usually offered by pen manufacturers and the titanium nib is arguable smoother than a gold one, allowing a wide line variation."" As a somewhat dour Yorkshireman I rarely employ hyperbole, but this is simply my perfect pen, the one I've been searching for. I feel privileged to own this limited edition. Very well done!"""

Geplaatst op 26-04-2019

After writing each day for years with three Conid Kingsize pens (insturments) I understood the benefits of this Monarch. Zero expensive trips to a repair center for simple maintenance I can enjoy doing, being able to dissemble, service and clean every single part in a minutes with ease. Nothing glued or counter-intuitive. The greatest satisfaction though is writing with a pen truly made for writers. I decided the Monarch needed to join the Flattop and Streamline on my desk. I felt the skill that goes into each of these as soon I opened the striking metallic Dutch-orange box - the only pen cases I really look forward to and keep in view. The flawlessly finished smooth orange ebonite feels different from even the black Conid Kingsize ebonite, a bit more tactile and elegant to me. I love the quality of each seamless surface joining the bulkfiller knob with tight precision. Fontoplumo's ornate logo is perfect, truly perfect on this clip. My Monarch has the titanium nib that I love so much for it's unique feel on paper. Conid could instruct the industry in nib grind consistency - my EF's across six Conids are as close to identical in width and performance as it gets. In the many choices of fountain pens this Monarch is the lone Dutch speed-skater, so far ahead of the pack with no gimmicks or superfluous hype. The exceptionally well considered, tested and consistent performance makes this pen the predictable winner for those who truly love to write. Thank you Frank, Fontoplumo and the Conid family for offering these!

Geplaatst op 21-02-2019

Una meravella, escriure amb aquesta ploma! Un gran plaer!!!

Geplaatst op 11-11-2018

Nice shop with a beautiful products. Frank is a great guy always ready to help the customers. I bought two pens here and was terrific. I really recommend FONTOPLUMO.

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