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Nib Customization - Architect

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Nib customization
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Product description

We can customize the nib on pens bought from us.  When ordering a pen, add Nib Customization to your order and we will have the pen worked on by our trusted nib specialist. Expect a (on average) 2 week lead time added to your order. As soon as the pen and customization are ready (and your pen has passed our test) it will be send to you. The following customizations are offered:
Stub nibs have a thicker downstroke and a thinner side stroke, providing your writing extra character. The sides are rounded, what makes a stub still very user friendly.
Cursive Italic
CI nibs have a thicker downstroke and a thinner side stroke, providing your writing extra character. These provide a larger line variation but are less user friendly as a stub, as a CI is less rounded in the corners.
Left Oblique
Cut at an angle, suitable if you rotate your nib.
Right Oblique
Cut at an angle, suitable if you rotate your nib and write with your left hand.
This gives a thinner downstroke and a wider side stroke. Giving a nice line variation to your writing. It is sensitive to the angle you hold the pen, please prodide the following information us information about the angle that you hold the pen when writing.
Reduces the tip to a very fine size, suitable for very small writing.
Increase inkflow
Do you like the pen but want it to write wetter than it is by default.
Decrease ink flow
Do you like the pen but want it to write dryer than it is by default.
Tune and smoothen
Your pen will be inked and the pens smoothness and ink flow will be tested and adjusted if needed Select your preferred customization in order to see the specific price.

*Pens with adjusted nibs are not eligible for exchange or return nor can an order be cancelled once taken into production**at the moment this service is offered only on pens bought from us and the option is ordered at the same time as the pen



4.9/5 37 reviews
Placed on 18-07-2024

I got exactly the nun I wanted: a smooth, wet cursive italic. Great work, Bruce!

Placed on 17-07-2024

My very dry nib on Sailor Pro Gear Slim has been tuned to perfect wet writing.

Placed on 06-07-2024

I have used Bruce services several times and I was always astonished by the quality of his work. Simply astounding what he can do to nibs. All the customizations I had done were above my expectations and I cannot recommend him enough!

Placed on 04-05-2024

I have had a number of nibs custom ground to cursive italic by Fontoplumo's "nib whisperer," Bruce S. I am rather fussy about my nibs because I use them for calligraphy, and cursive italic is my everyday handwriting. Bruce's CI grinds have been outstanding, without exception. They have excellent thick-thin line variation. The thin lines are real hairlines. Yet, the nibs are also very smooth and forgiving. The availability of this service adds a lot to Fontoplumo's appeal as a go to source for fountain pens.

Placed on 02-05-2024

This is my second F cursive italic nib done by Bruce S, and the pen (a Leonardo Supernova Caramel) is now my favorite writing instrument. I put the same ink in it that Bruce tested it with (Lamy Blue) because I loved how that combination looked on the note he wrote. He truly is a nib whisperer!

Placed on 27-04-2024

Bruce did a wonderful job grinding the Medium nib on a Leonardo MZG 2.0 to a cursive italic. The line variation is quite dramatic — Bruce preserved the width of the original nib on the downstroke while providing for a very thin cross stroke — but the nib writes very smoothly. There is no scratchiness whatsoever, and in fact even less feedback than I would expect from a grind that demonstrates such significant line variation.

Given the quality of the grind, the fast turnaround time (less than a week), and the extremely reasonable price, I highly recommend this service. My thanks to Bruce and to Frank!

Placed on 17-04-2024

Had my new TWSBI Eco T EF ground to needlepoint. And it is the SMOOTHEST and still writes wet! Thank you so much Bruce!!! And the handwritten note that came with my pen to showcase the new nib is the sweetest!! It is just brilliant!

Placed on 10-12-2023

Amazing work done on a Gioia Broad with cursive italic customization.
Very smooth and awesome strokes with this nib.
The reverse is ultra smooth Broad.
Epic nib.
I made 3 others customization after that on other fountain pens (tuned and smoothen, oblique and needle point).
Customization at Fontoplumo is a real upgrade on writing instruments for handwriting experts.

Placed on 12-10-2023

I recently had Fontoplumo grind the medium JoWo #6 of a custom-made pen into my first architect, and while I am still learning how to write well with this grind (I'm very much a cursive writer!), it has a great feel to it. Once I found the sweet spot, my print handwriting has been improving by leaps and bounds. Now that I have picked up a bit of speed with it, this architect has already become a joy to write with!

Placed on 06-09-2023

Before ordering, I thought it was just going to be some quantity oriented service, having standardized grinding, nothing special. Then, I've read the reviews and got really intrigued as I think all were praising the craftsmanship.
Having received my first custom ground nib, I was blown away. It wasn't just the grind that was lovely, but the whole experience which was very personal and involved.
Then with some other orders, I've got two or three more grinds (all different between each other). Surprise, surprise... the same high quality level and involvement.
Awesome job(s) Frank and Bruce, I really respect what you are doing overall!

Placed on 26-07-2023

I got the needlepoint customization finally after quite a bit of waffling and asking from a very patient customer service if it does actually write as tiny as I was hoping; and it does indeed write perfectly tiny lines for my ridiculously tiny handwriting in my ridiculously tiny a7 notebook. My only issues have been inconsistent ink flow and at first I thought I just needed to find the right ink and even got one with lubricant in it to see if that would help. It writes like dream for the first paragraph or so and then sort of dries up and I would have to press rather firmly to get the ink to flow. I tried changing feeds then changing the nib to a different pen still with the same issue. Writing angle doesn't seem to be the problem either so I'm a bit out of ideas for what to try next. If there is something else I could do or might be doing wrong I'd like to know.

Webshop reaction

Placed on 26-07-2023

Hello Eveliina, we'll check what pen it is that was tuned and will discuss with our nibspecialist. Will get back to you soon.

Placed on 28-06-2023

I purchased a Kilk new Baroque fountain pen with a nib customization to cursive italic fine. Wonderful work, excellent performance in terms of smoothness, expressiveness and ink flow. A nib mastership of A level!
Fontoplumo exceeded my expectations once again! Reliability, fast delivery, excellent communication. Highly recommended seller!

Placed on 15-05-2023

I have not been lucky with Aurora nibs for many years now so in order to safeguard against any potential problems (usually baby's bottom on broader nibs, feeds that are so dry the pen doesn't write etc.) with my latest Aurora I elected to have the Aurora Optima 'B' nib ground to a stub with the instruction that it not be dry. Wetter is better with Aurora from what I've found. The result is a wonderful stub! I enjoy writing with it very much. I strongly suggest to anyone that buys Aurora (or any brand, really) to select at least the "tune" option even if you don't want a special nib grind. Better to have it handled professionally before it gets to you so you don't have to go through the hassle of a return (or mess the nib up by trying to do it yourself! Don't do that! - I've been there).

Placed on 04-05-2023

I got a Sailor Shikiori from the Sound of Rain collection and a customization for increased ink flow. The 21K nib from the Sound of Rain collection already writes wetter and a little softer than the usual 14K Pro Gear Slims, but with the customization they're even more perfect than I could have hoped for. I mainly got it to be able to use my lighter inks as well since my handwriting is small, but the MF nib takes even Diamine's Shimmer Inks with no problems and shows sheen and sometimes even shading, which I never really expected to get from a nib that size, all without compromising the nice pencil feedback

Placed on 22-02-2023

Received a needlepoint grind on a Leonardo MZG. What a fabulous grind. Was initially concerned might be scratchy, but not at all considering how fine the nib is. Good ink flow and extremely pleasant to use. Second custom grind by Bruce from Fontoplumo and definitely won’t be the last. Superb and inexpensive service which I highly recommend to anyone considering a custom nib grind.

Placed on 20-02-2023

Pilot Custom 823 Fine nib, ground cursive italic by Bruce.
Despite the small nib, a Japanese F, Bruce was able to grind it in to a subtle cursive italic. Very happy with the purchase!

Placed on 09-02-2023

Customization of Kaweco 250 very well,soft good.
Sorry that brand Kaweco Original 250 doesnt permit posting.
Thank you.

Placed on 09-02-2023

Ordered a needlepoint nib grind on a TWSBI. Being a fan of Japanese fine, extra fine, and ultra extra fine nibs, I had very high expectations on this grind. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! The point is, indeed, needle-thin, very similar in size to a Platinum UEF but the flow is absolutely flawless! The nib has just the right amount of feedback and it is simply a pleasure to write with. I can't put the pen down. I couldn't recommend this nib grind more, especially if you find most Western F nibs aren't as fine as you would like.

Placed on 25-01-2023

I ordered the Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Art Deco 2021 Limited Edition Green ebonite EF nib just before Christmas. Just as it was to be shipped off I discovered the service where you could tune up the nib before it ships. I sent an email to ask if it can be done since an Extra Fine nib out of the box can sometimes writes scratchy or the ink doesn't flow well. This is where Fontoplumo displayed excellent customer service . Not only did they get it done but the nib is probably the best writer in my growing collection. It is fantastic! Thank You ! for making this purchase so smooth for me and the expeditious and gracious service. Look forward to purchasing again soon.

Placed on 24-01-2023

I ordered a Cursive Italic grind. Excellent craftsmanship. Nice crisp grind. Highly recommended.

Placed on 20-01-2023

I had my first architect nib ground from a standard TSWBI Eco in Broad--I was mildly afraid it was going to turn out to be too difficult for everyday use! It is an all round wonderful nib! The "sweet spot" is aligned with the angle at which I normally hold my pen, but it's not at tight a sweet spot as I've had with other fussier nibs (Platinum UEF, for example). Ink flow is perfect and I am now hooked. I already ordered another custom nib. I honestly find this is a wonderful investment: instead of chasing the latest cool looking pen with a standard nib, having Fontoplumo customize it means you will reach for it again and again. I looked at the nib with a loupe and the work is simply flawless, really. If you're in doubt, go for it. You will not regret it!

Placed on 19-01-2023

Fantastic tuning of the nib. I added this option to my order it because I purchased a Leonardo Momento Zero, it's my third one and the nibs were less than perfect on the other two. Moreover, this one was an EF, which is in general more difficult to get right.
Well, the tuned nib on this pen is great, gorgeous. Fantastic flow and very smooth, even if it's an EF. I highly recommend it.

Placed on 18-01-2023

Fontoplumo's nib technician has custom ground the nibs on Leonardo and Scribo fountain pens for me. My everyday handwriting is italic, and I prefer cursive italic nibs. The nibs ground on pens purchased from Fontoplumo have been outstanding writers. They are very crisp, giving excellent thick/thin line differentiation, yet very smooth. Highly recommended!

Placed on 18-01-2023

By now, I've got 4 architect grinds (on a steel Lamy B, Pelikan B, Kaweco BB and Leonardo B nib) and I all love them! Anyone looking for an architect nib, should order here!

Also, it was shipped in just a few days. I've never had to wait long for the grinds to be ready, but I was really impressed by how fast it got shipped last time.

There is no nibmeister who does architect grinds in Mexico, so I'm super grateful to Fontoplumo and its nibmeister! It's really convenient and fast to be able to get pen and nib customization in one place.

Placed on 18-01-2023

The fountain pen I purchased from Fontoplumo is a Radius Superior (medium gold nib).
The nib was perfectly tuned. It glides on paper and the ink flow is just right (not too dry, not too wet). Writing with it is a real pleasure. I can write page after page without any fatigue in my hand.
I have also noticed that the nib does not dry up when left unused for a few days. There is no hard start, which I appreciate when having to take notes at a meeting.
Having the nib tuned by Fontoplumo's nib master was well worth the small additional price.
I highly recommend this service, particularly when investing in a premium fountain pen.
Thank you, Fontoplumo.

Placed on 18-01-2023

Bruce, the nib whisperer at Fontoplumo is a life saver for me. For years I stayed away from fountain pens because no nib was extra fine enough for me. I love thin, crisp lines and I write small and narrow. I was delighted when I found out that Fontoplumo has a nib customization service. It is so worth the money to get the kind of nib you want! Bruce did a spectacular job with my needle point nib. It writes smoothly and with the right line width for my handwriting style! I can't praise him enough!!!

Placed on 26-11-2022

I ordered the stub and architect customizations. The nib of the architect, which is customized according to my writing angle, is very smooth and easy to write. Of course, the stub is also a wonderful writing taste.
At first I was worried about ordering online, but now I am very satisfied.
Thank you Frank and Bruce S.
I am very happy.

Placed on 24-08-2022

Received my cursive italic on a fine Opus 88 Omar, and what a joy it is. Writes absolutely beautifully. All very reasonably priced, and dispatched within the timeframe stated. Thanks all, a very happy customer who will definitely be returning.

Placed on 13-12-2021

Received my pen today with Bruce S.'s needlepoint customised nib. Fantastic work, the nib feels smooth and works well with the weight and body of the pen. I especially love the written note with a comparison done of the factory EF and the Needlepoint, plus his own message added in his own writing. Thank you so much for this, Frank and Bruce S. I am very happy with the end result.

Placed on 18-10-2021

I purchased a Leonardo Momento Zero with a medium nib together with a nib customization to cursive italic. Bruce S. not only did a fantastic job on the nib, but also included a nice handwritten note (written with the nib of my new pen). I adore this nib. It is one of my absolute favourites. This will definitely not be my last nib customization from Fontoplumo.

Placed on 03-10-2021

I Own several customized nibs from the most known nibmaster overseas and always wished to have a adress in europe to avoid all this custom clearance.
I ordered a higher priced pen from fontoplumo and tried the customization in a Stub nib.
I am really happy with the result and am know thinking about a Standard Lamy 2000 with a crisp M Italic as an every das working horse.
I can really recommend the nib customization .... Great experience

Placed on 16-07-2021

Fontoplumo made an excellent job in grinding a stub nib on a Santini Libra into a Medium Cursive Italic. Jus as I asked. The pen is very “usable” even for normal extended everyday writing.
I strongly recomend Fontoplumo not only for this kind of “nib whispering” but for their custom support in general.
Best regards

Placed on 22-06-2021

Bruce S. did a Fine to Cursive Italic nib grind on my new Leonardo Momento Zero Plume Rose Gold pen. This is the eighth cursive italic fine nib that I have had done (the other seven were done by three well-known nib masters at other pen companies), and this one is definitely one of the smoothest to write with. And the beauty of the cursive line is second to none. I could not be happier. (And the pen itself is gorgeous.)

Placed on 13-03-2021

I ordered an architect on a broad nib, Lamy Vista. The pen was ready really fast and when it arrived I was happily surprised by the handwritten note from the nib specialist. The message contained some tips about how to use the architect and it told me he had also ground the topside of the nib to a smooth super-extra-fine nib for reverse writing. Two nibs for the price of one!
The architect writes like a dream! It was my first time getting an architect and I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but it was love at first write! I didn't have any problem finding the 'sweet spot' because the nib was ground perfectly at my normal writing angle. (important to send accurate photos of your writing angle!)
I originally got the nib on a Lamy Vista but since the grip section on that pen doesn't really allow for reverse writing, I decided to swap the nib on a Lamy Scala I had in order to be able to comfortably use both the architect and the smooth needlepoint nib!!
I am really so happy with it and I am definitely ordering more architect nibs here soon!

Placed on 17-01-2021

Leonardo Momento Zero Pietra Marina Broad to cursive italic
The work done on the nib is excellent and the pen writes like a charm. The difference from a stub (I own an Opus 88) is noticeable, the lines are crisper, but not at the cost of smoothness, so the pen is still easy to use. The line variation is amazing, maybe about 1 mm for the fattest down strokes, while the side strokes are very very thin. Distinctive writing experience at a fair price.
In addition the pen came with a kind message handwritten by the nib specialist, which is a nice gesture.
Thank you Fontoplumo

Placed on 20-12-2020

I had my Pelikan M205 with a broad nib customized to a cursive italic and it writes like an absolute dream. Plus I got a lovely message from the nib specialist which made it feel extra special. I'm definitely using this service again, because it's easy, more than fairly priced, and having a nib that suits my handwriting makes me use the pen more and gives my handwriting more character.

Placed on 12-08-2020

TWSBI Vac700R Broad to Cursive italic
I purchased a TWSBI VAC700R together with a nib customization here a few months ago and opted for a broad nib that was then reground to a cursive italic. I must say the pen writes like an absolute dream, inkflow is consistent regardless of what ink i use (tried montblac homage to hadrian, Akkerman Zuiderpark blauw groen, Herbin Lie de thv©), the pen feels incredibly smooth, there is no scratchyness to think off and the line variation achieved with the grind is astounding. For whoever is considering a cursive italic i can highly recommend it.

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