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Sailor Inkt Studio - 762

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Sailor Ink Studio
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Product description

Chose from 100 unique colors, each in a 20ml bottle.





4.8/5 13 reviews
Placed on 05-11-2023

This review is of Sailor Ink Studio #162.

The base colour is a light mint green that needs a bit of a broader nib to show clearly.

As with all inks in this line I have tried, it has good general properties in terms of dry time and feathering.

What makes this ink worth the premium is the various undertones you get, and these change quite a bit with different papers. Surprisingly, it was in the cheaper copier paper that I got the most interesting results, showing up quite a bit of grey and violet undertones.

Placed on 03-11-2023

This is a lovely shade of blue, not dark but not too light. I love to write with it because it shows so well on the paper. It’s moderately wet and shades nicely. I like the way Sailor Studio inks work in my King of Pen. Great, even flow, moderate shading and good- looking. I won’t put any other ink brand in my luxury pen.

Thanks to Fontoplumo for their great products and customer service!

Placed on 03-11-2023

This isn’t just any purple - I would call it a regal purple. It is pretty wet and dries to a nice shade. I enjoy using it because I like to change ink colours for my letters and this compliments the other colours I use regularly. I use only Sailor Studio inks in my King of Pen.

Fontoplumo always gives excellent customer service and I’ve never had a problem with ordering from them.

Placed on 14-10-2023

I use only Sailor Studio inks in my daily-writer: Sailor King of Pen. I appreciate the quality of Sailor inks and the wide range of colours and shades to choose from. In my experience they perform well both in the pen and on paper. In addition, I consider them safe inks.

This review is of ink #760 which is a lovely shade of green. I had searched other brands of ink for just the right shade of green but I was unable to find it until I looked in the Sailor Studio selection. It is a medium shade, sort of like grass. I always use it when I write to a certain friend who loves the colour green. He approves of this shade100%!

I always look to buy fountain pen accessories from Fontoplumo. I like their products and the customer service is very fast and very friendly.

Placed on 14-10-2023

I always write with my Sailor King of Pen. I have used a variety of other ink brands in other pens but this pen is precious (both in price and performance) so I decided from reception that I would “feed” it only Sailor brand inks. I do not regret this decision as I think the Sailor inks are of high quality. Their performance, both in the pen and on paper, is excellent. The colour range of the Studio inks is wide enough to find a satisfying colour.

The colour #740 is a lovely shade of a darkish blue; I wouldn’t call it a blue-black. I use it for the more formal letters I write when I don’t want to use black ink. I’d call it a friendly blue colour.

Whenever I am looking for a fountain pen related item, I always come to Fontoplumo. The products are quality and customer service is second-to-none.

Placed on 29-09-2023

I finally had a chance to try Sailor Ink Studio #770, a rather bright yellow ink. It is actually the closest to a true yellow I have used.

The ink has a little bit of orange undertones, some minor shading, and no noticeable sheen.

As with the other inks from this line that I have tried, it has a good drying time and I saw no feathering using either a Lamy B-nib nor with the 1.5 stub.

The premium price for this ink is justified by the bright shade of yellow that can still be used for writing, although I would recommend doing so with a wider nib. For now, the 1.5 stub works great to use for underlining and other text accents in my notes.

This ink looks great in the Lamy Al-Star Glossy Red with the orange feed and the neon yellow grip section.

Placed on 26-09-2023

Sailor Ink Studio #740 is a rich blue ink with the barest hint of purple undertones and sheen. You will need a broad nib (I used a 1.5 stub in a Lamy Al-Star Blue), and the right paper for the sheen to show.

However, that minimal undertone and sheen do not in my mind justify the premium cost of this ink in comparison with other colours I have tried from this line (#173 and #123 come to mind).

As with the other inks in the line it has a decent drying time and no feathering.

I tried #740 following a number of reviews that rave about the colour, but maybe I'm not a blue ink connoiseur as I didn't find it all that special.

Placed on 13-04-2023

Sailor Ink Studio #123 is on most papers a grey ink.

The colour is light enough that I believe needs a broader nib to show properly.

As with all inks in this line I have tried, it has good general properties in terms of dry time and feathering.

It shows some interesting sheen properties that are highly dependent on the paper. Sometimes you get a bit of green or a bit of light violet.

Planning to switch to an italic/stub nib to get even more of the sheening effects of this interesting ink.

Placed on 24-01-2023

Sailor Ink studio #664 is een "teal"/ petrol achtige kleur met een goede verzadiging die net ietsjes meer lijkt te zijn dan wat vergelijkbare kleuren van andere fabrikanten. Is natuurlijk niet echt goedkoop maar voor mijn relatief klein gebruik niet een zwaarwegend bezwaar. De combinatie met Ivoor /Chamoix kleur schrijfpapier vond ik heel aantrekkelijk.

Placed on 18-01-2023

I've purchased several colors of the sailor ink studio collection. Indeed, they are in the higher price range, but for most of the colours I've got so far, it has totally been worth it. The collection has such a big range of colours and shades that you can find the perfect color to match almost any pen.
All inks have the peculiar Sailor ink smell which is not offputting to me, but some people (like my partner) might find it unpleasant.
I think the 20ml bottle is perfect because it gives me a chance to get different colors without adding too much quantity to my ink collection.
All of the inks I got so far have a nice wet flow.

I'll mention two of my favourites:

Sailor ink studio #123
This is a very popular ink and now I understand why.
The #123 got multishading between grey-purple-green that shows up best on high end Japanese paper. It stills looks very nice on other papers as well though.

Sailor ink studio #160
This is a very joyful light mint colour with high shading. I generally use it in medium and broad nibs but even in fine nibs it's easy to read.

Placed on 16-01-2023

Sailor Ink Studio #173 is a salmon pink with orange undertones and great shading. It looks nothing like the sample chart that Sailor has for this colour, and that is a good thing as the actual ink colour is much better.

I was very surprised by this colour as I had not encountered one like this before. Initially I thought it was going to be too light for regular use in anything but very broad nibs, but even in finer nibs it stands out nicely enough for longer writing, and shows brighter than in most samples I've seen online.

The unique colour more than justifies the premium price of the ink.

Placed on 30-11-2022

Ik heb inmiddels meerdere kleuren inkt van Sailor Ink Studio gekocht en zeer tevreden. Ik gebruik ze om mee te schilderen. Het zijn prachtige kleuren en vooral de dual-shade inkten zoals 123 en 280 zorgen voor hele bijzondere resultaten.
Levering was snel en goed ingepakt.

Placed on 11-11-2022

Sailor Ink Studio #735 is a dark purple with some sheen and a good drying time.

I don't find it unusual or special enough in its properties to warrant the higher cost of the Sailor Ink Studio line, unlike unusual colours or special properties such as with #143 or #162 by comparison.

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