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Montblanc Writers Edition 2019 Rudyard Kipling fountain pen

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Product description

The 2019 Montblanc Writers Edition is dedicated to Rudyard Kipling, born in India in 1865, he later moved to England, but most of his work was inspired by India. He is most famous for his book 'The Jungle Book'.

The 2019 writers edition pen refers to his works and is a limited edition of 9800 pieces.

Rudyard Kipling's vocabulary may have been the greatest in English literature since Shakespeare. The Bombay-born British author and poet wrote himself into the collective consciousness with The Jungle Book. But it was due to his complete works of short stories, poems and novels with that he ascended the literary Olympus at just 42, he became the first English recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, and he is still the youngest ever to receive that honour. The central theme of Kipling's life was the cultural wealth and colourful exoticism of India, which he knew better than anyone. Having been raised in Great Britain, Kipling returned to India at the age of 17 and travelled as a correspondent through what is today Pakistan, Myanmar, South Africa and Australia and lived for several years in the USA. The Montblanc Writers Edition Homage to Rudyard Kipling is dedicated to this great author and poet.

The jungle Book is considered Rudyard Kipling's greatest success. The story of the boy Mowgli is world-famous - how he is raised in the Indian jungle by a of wolves, and how he becomes the enemy of Shere Khan the tiger and a friend of Baloo the bear. But Kipling's literary accomplishment is much more complex. The individual characters are as deeply developed as their models in the wild. What film adaptations present as one continuous story was created by Kipling as separate stories and poems that make up eight out of a total of fifteen chapters in The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book, published in 1894 and 1895. Inspired by these Jungle Books, the cap and barrel are made of jungle-green precious resin combined with platinum-coated fittings. In reference to the wolves who care for Mowgli, the top of the platinum-coated clip is artfully crafted to resemble a wolf's head.

Kipling's highly regarded short stories established his literary fame early on. The shortage of space in the Indian newspaper for which Kipling worked as a young journalist forced him to practice extreme concentration. Breaking radically with literary taboos, Kipling was like a hurricane whirling through the dusty landscape of English literature with a great wealth of ideas, stylistic brilliance and new content. Instead of writing about cerebral debates taking place in the parlours of the upper classes, he occupied himself with the real world of people who worked and suffered. In this, he overcame all barriers of race and class, integrating jargon and slang into his stories. In honour of this pioneer of the modern short story and world traveller, the handcrafted Au 750 gold nib is engraved with a globe.

The crown jewel of Kipling's works is the novel Kim from 1901-a novel imbued with Kipling great love of India. Despite the espionage drama and the eternal conflict between Russia and Great Britain over control of Asia, it is the humanity spirituality and timelessness of India that is the main theme of the novel. Kipling revealed, with great eloquence, a panoramic view of an India that is rich in adventure and encounters. Hardly any other author described it with such authenticity. In homage to this influential poet of the British Empire, an engraving of his handwritten initials, R.K, decorates the cap of the Montblanc Writers Edition Homage to Rudyard Kipling. The cap top is crowned with the Montblanc emblem in resin.

Rudyard Kipling's vocabulary was immense, and the number of stories and poems that count as classics even outside of the English-speaking world is great. Bur he was, and remains, not always easy to grasp. His words, when taken out of context, are often misunderstood. Whenever something incomprehensible happens in the Orient, one frequently hears his quote 'East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet. This opening line from Kipling's poem The Ballad of East and West is about the friendship between an Englishman and an Afghan horse thief. No less famous is his poem If, written around 1895, which is one of the most well known in the English language. The beginning and the end of the poem are engraved on the cap top and cone ring of the edition: 'IF YOU CAN KEEP YOUR HEAD WHEN ALL ABOUT YOU ARE LOSING THEIRS. YOU'LL BE A MAN, MY SON!

Throughout history, mankind has always shown a natural instinct to express its feelings, impressions and experiences in words. By committing these words to writing, we encourage history to evolve, culture to spread and civilisation to grow. Nowhere has this individual expression of the human spirit been more intriguingly revealed than in the great novels and tales of literature. Nowhere else have such fascinating stories been created, stories that have not only inspired generations but also shaped entire eras and cultural movements. This is why Montblanc as a brand that is firmly anchored in writing culture - feels compelled by its entrepreneurial purpose and cultural duty to honour the most distinguished writers and authors of past times. With the Writers Edition, issued every year since 1992 in a limited edition worldwide, Montblanc pays tribute to the greatest icons of literary history.


Length146 mm
Length w/o cap129 mm
Weight with cap57 gr
Filling systemPiston
Year of introduction2019
EAN Code4017941941541

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