Leonardo Momento Zero blue Hawaii rhodium trim fountain pen
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Leonardo Momento Zero blue Hawaii rhodium trim - B

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Product description

Leonardo Momento Zero Blue Hawaii 2021 edition with Jowo nib and a thinner clip

Leonardo Momento Zero fountain pen, made from resin, in the color blue Hawaii, a classical designed pen with steel nib and a cartridge converter filling system
Leonardo Officina Italiana A family tradition continued. With over 45 years of experience in the field of writing instruments, handed down from father to son, from generation to generation. Today Leonardo Officina Italiana works on emotional and vintage projects, taking up the old loading systems, the materials and the working techniques that once characterized the craft of the craftsman. The Leonardo pens have a soul, a human warmth that only passion can give. Each Leonardo collection is manually made in Italy, and all pens are guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defect.  As the material has a lot of colors and flakes. The image is one example, no two pens will be the same.


Length142 mm
Length w/o cap129 mm
Length posted142 mm
Weight with cap25 gr
Weight w/o cap18 gr
SeriesMomento Zero
Filling systemCartridge/Converter
Year of introduction2021
Limited editionNo
EAN Code8056147791686

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4.7/5 26 reviews
Placed on 23-10-2021

My very first Leonardo fountain pen and I am extremely happy with it. I chose the stub nib and I love it. The colors in this pen are beautiful and it is a joy to behold. I also ordered the Leonardo Blue Mediterraneo ink to go with it and it’s a perfect match. Shipping to Germany was one week. All in all a very positive experience. Thank you very much!

Placed on 30-01-2021

Absolutely beautiful pen when it writes. I was the unlucky one who got the problematic Bock nib which Leonardo is trying to get rid of ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hi7laYigfIc ). Frank was kind to offer a new nib but he sent it to the wrong country and not to where the pen was sent. Bad news during travel restriction! Contacting Leonardo was not the fun part of the process. According to the youtube, Leonardo needs to change the whole pen section to fit in the Jowo nib they started using in Jan'2021 - so this will cost them if they want to solve the problem. I could understand but could not appreciate why they have not been responding well, and wanted payment. All said, I now have a pen which stays useless and sits in my regretful purchase basket, maybe until I manage to get somebody to locate the nib Frank sent in another country and courier that to where I am now. After all the internet info crawling on their nib issues, I am not confident that could be the end even with the new Bock nib. Would have given 1/zero star. One extra star for Frank who replied to my emails.

Placed on 21-09-2020

I just received today . I am very exciting to open the box . When I saw the pen , wow it is so nice . I love this pen and happy to be owner. This is my working pen . Good value for money .

Placed on 08-03-2020

Pen is nice and shipment is fast !

Placed on 15-02-2020

This is a beautiful, solid, well-made pen. I have the stub nib, which is a little wider than my other stubs, and writes well. I've filled it with Diamine Tropical Glow, a shimmer blue. I love using this pen. Even the converter is nicely made. I ordered from California, and communications and shipping went fine.

Placed on 18-12-2019

The pen itself is nice, smooth to write and beautiful. Moreover, the management by the fontoplumo was really trustworthy and I am happy to buy here.

Placed on 17-10-2019

It is a beautiful pen at a decent price. The broad nib is buttery smooth and the shipping to India was fast.

Placed on 01-09-2019

My first review for this pen was contentious, since I had plenty of start up issues. Frank immediately stepped in(super attentive) and suggested I try a different ink to see if my startup issues were resolved> I followed his advise with a wet pilot ink and voila, I haven't put this beautiful pen down ever since! (about 8 days and counting......) The Leonardo steel nib is a such a smooth joy to write with, I can only imagine the gold nib..... Having owned a few vintage pens, including Omas - This is the new Gold standard! (A request: Dear Leonardo can we have some music / zoom nibs on these beautiful pens?) and finally a huge ""Thank you"" to Frank!

Placed on 27-07-2019

Very, very happy with this buy. Great pen, wonderful writing experience and what a beautiful pen to look at. This Leonardo pen has become one of my daily writers. Thanks once more to Frank for his, always, great service.

Placed on 19-07-2019

Leonardo is soon becoming my favorite pen maker. I already own their limited edition Rosewood Ebonite with a gold medium nib and wanted to try their steel nib which was so raved about plus this pen's material was too good to pass. And boy did this pen live up to my expectations and how! This is a very well made writing instrument and easily one of the best steel nib amongst all the brands available currently in the market. Please buy it and thank me later."

Placed on 03-07-2019

Absolutely wonderful looking pen. Fits well in the hand and has a very smooth nib. Writes perfectly. Excellent service by Fontoplumo.

Placed on 16-06-2019

Love this pen and always impeccable service from Frank! Blue Hawaii is a pleasure to look at and use!

Placed on 14-06-2019

This is my second purchase from Fontoplumo and I couldn't be happier. I love the Leonardo line of pens, and the speed of shipping to the U.S. is outstanding.

Placed on 07-06-2019

This is a very attractive fountain pen and he writes very well.

Placed on 27-04-2019

1. Great attention in details even the alignment of engrave, nib. 2. Pen diameter is bigger than in typical pen I used, just realize that it makes writing more comfortable. . 3. the best will be the beauty of material, amazing material, amazing color.The bigger diameter amplify the beauty of material 4. Nip perform well with some minimum skip, which is not disturbing in normal used. (first I was worry a lot on this issue but it is not concern now) 5. Service is good, and fast even the web said like ""wait for 2 weeks"" but actually it is nearly immediately delivery after order :) By the way, this is my first Italian pen and it's impress me a lot :)

Placed on 11-04-2019

This pen is gorgeous and extremely well made. Mine came with faulty nib unfortunately but Frank sorted that out and sent me a new nib which works perfectly. Customer Service and Communications -- 5 Star Pen Quality, Look and Feel (Ergonomics) -- 5 Star Nib Experience -- 5 Star Even though the original nib was faulty, the new nib, although a steel nib, writes smoothly, wet and has a bit of springiness. Just because of Frank's customer service, In future I'll buy from Fontoplumo again. Samir Saini

Placed on 04-04-2019

This is my first Leonardo pen, and I decided to buy it after all the good things I had heard about it. This is by far the smoothest nib I have used (steel and Gold nibs included), and this pen is right up there with Pelikan M800, Lamy 2K and Pilot Custom 823 imho. Frank was generous enough to check the nib before shipping and I am simply floored by this purchase. The aesthetics of the pen are an added bonus. I still can't believe how a pen in this price range, and with a steel nib can be such a smooth writer. Always a pleasure buying from Frank.

Placed on 08-02-2019

This pen is beautiful and I had to pull the trigger on it, but all is not perfect, let me elaborate. The pen is wonderfully made. The resin looks and feel class apart for other pens in this price range. Beautiful design, touch and feel. Packaging was simple yet classy - nothing too fancy but not one without a unique style. Pen was shipped by Fontoplumo with proper care for the transit and i received it in great condition. Writing feels smooth but it's with some issues. The tines were off and the tipping material is not balanced between both tines. I dare say its even smoother than the Pilot Custom 823 that I own. Converter rattles a little but its minor to pick on. All in all its a good pen, would have given it 5 star if it was perfectly fine including a properly tested and working nib / feed setup.

Placed on 05-02-2019

Pen arrived in perfect condition to the US from Germany. It is a beautiful writing instrument which I am excited to use going forward. As reviewers said, it is difficult to tell how the pen looks from stock photos, since this one is very multi-faceted in color. There is also a great range of variability between models of this same color! Besides the pen itself, Frank was wonderful in providing customer service and answering the many questions I had for this order and another order. Also very flexible when I needed to add a converter to my other order and included it in one shipment. I will definitely purchase from Fontoplumo as much as possible and have found a go-to moving forward Thank you Frank!

Placed on 03-02-2019

I'm easing up on pen purchases this year but couldn't resist this beauty as a "momento" for my 60th birthday. The resin is stunning (so many lovely colors), and the medium steel nib is smooth and true to size. Even the converter feels especially well-made. Very pleased with this purchase and with Fontoplumo's service. Thumbs up on all accounts!

Placed on 03-02-2019

Thank you for your very friendly service. I'm very happy with this extremely beautiful pen, the nib (M) writes without medium wet and without any skipping.

Placed on 30-01-2019

I came to know about Mr. Frank and his website from my colleagues. On contacting him, he was very patient with all My queries, from time to time. After extensive research, I decided to go ahead with the Leonardo Momento Zero Fountain Pen. Again after extensive googling, finalised the Blue Hawaii version. Wanted the Gold Trim Version with Gold Plated Steel Stub Nib. Frank was very courteous in procuring it for Me & shipping it at the earliest. Beautiful packaging from Fontoplumo. Received My Pen without any damage. The Blue Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous. Only problem I face is that the nib dries up regularly and has hard starts in between. After some fine tuning, it now works like a charm (though has the occasional hard starts/skips). So, reducing 1 star for it. Otherwise, Excellent Service from Mr. Frank. Will definitely buy from Fontoplumo in future. Thanks Mr. Frank.

Placed on 25-01-2019

Blue resin looks amazing in hand, much better than the picture. Don't think any camera can fully capture the beauty. It's a big pen with #6 nib, very comfortable in hand. Fit and finish are perfect. I have a B nib that puts down a consistent wet line, very smooth. The other nib comparable (in my collection) is the steel B nib of Onoto Magna, which costs three times. The only thing I wish they would have done differently is to make the convertor piston sticks out further (a little too short for me, I can use it, but have to fumble when trying to fill the pen) - I know this may affect the overall aesthetics of the pen, so it is the designer's choice. Finally, having the serial number of each pen engraved on the barrel is a very nice touch. Very please, definitely, without doubt, a 5-star product.

Placed on 22-11-2018

I wasn't sure about the color of this pen when I ordered because it's hard to tell from the pictures. So I was very pleased when I received the pen. It is extremely beautiful and unique, and as the other reviewers say, you have to see the pen to appreciate the beauty of the acrylic. It is truly stunning and photos don't do it justice. As for the quality of the pen itself, I am very impressed with the polish and finish on this pen. The craftsmanship is excellent and the design is elegant, showing a great attention to detail. My pen has a broad nib that performs perfectly, with just the right flow of ink. It is very hard to find a better or nicer pen than this in this price range. Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves beautiful fountain pens.

Placed on 18-11-2018

If you're undecided whether to buy one of these pens or not, let me make your mind up for you. Hit the add to basket icon now! The acrylic rods Leonardo use to make their Blue Hawaii pens from is stunning
Being my second Leonardo Momento Zero pen purchased from Frank at Fontoplumo, I can confirm that the quality is faultless The writing experience is flawless, I have a fine and medium nib, both are very smooth writers with just a whisper of pleasant feedback. The nib tuning is spot-on too, nice and juicy ink flow. Absolutely no skipping or hard starts experienced. I can't think of any pen that comes close to what Leonardo offer for the price. And the purchase experience I have received from Fontoplumo is second to none. The draw-string bag Frank includes, together with the handwritten thank you card and bookmark are very welcome free extras. If you buy one of these fine pens, buy it from Fontoplumo, you won't regret it.

Placed on 16-10-2018

This was the fourth Momento Zero I have bought and I highly recommend both Leonardo pens for their attention to detail - for example the blind cap filler - and this Blue Hawaii model in particular. The pen is a wonderful mixture of mostly blues and turquoise shades complimented with what looks like something similar to the horn resin - all of which means you can use a huge range of inks to match the colours in the pen. The pen comes with a silver clip and trim which does not detract from the glorious lustre coming from the body of the pen. I went for the fine nib, which I have on my other Leonardo's, and found on this occasion it had more spring to it and produced a much greater line variation - it does seem to prefer a wetter ink and I have used both Diamine and Iroshizuku - but overall as with the rest of the pen I love the nib. More pens please Leonardo.

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