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LAMY AL-star black EMR stylus - Matt surface

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Product description

LAMY AL-star black EMR stylus

The digital age is in full swing. Lamy has joined in and has reinvented a popular classic: the LAMY AL-star Black EMR. The marvel of ergonomics has given it new inner workings with electromagnetic resonance technology. This technology enables the pen to write and draw on a tablet or smartphone without the use of wires or batteries. Its outstanding precision will make you feel like you're writing on paper. Whether you’re working at the office, studying, engaged in daily life, or gaming, the LAMY AL-Star EMR is the perfect companion for every writing and drawing situation. The cap protects the cartridge from outside influences and the integrated clip ensures that the pen is always ready to go. Be inspired by the myriad possibilities of digital writing!

The design of this digital input pen for tablets, smartphones and notebooks is based on the LAMY AL-star rollerball pen. Endowed with Wacom’s patented EMR technology, the LAMY AL-star black EMR doesn’t need a cord or battery to function, and never needs to be charged. There is no difference from traditional writing instruments in terms of haptics, ergonomics and usage, so no retraining is necessary.

A nib for every surface

The nib of a digital pen is the crucial element for best simulating the writing feel of a traditional writing instrument on paper. Lamy offers an assortment of nibs made of various materials since there are a number of different types of screen surfaces currently competing on the market.

Smooth surfaces: The PC/EL nib is a pointier nib and is ideally suited for smooth (glossy) surfaces. Nib radius: 0.35 mm
Matt surfaces: Writing on matt surfaces creates a similar feel to writing on paper. The POM nib is a rounded nib and is ideally suited for these surfaces. Nib radius: 0.7 mm

When protective films are used, a choice must be made between PC/EL and POM, depending on the glide properties of the film surface. The right choice can only be found by trying out the tips. The rule here is that tips made of PC/EL are suitable for hard and smooth (glass-like) surfaces and tips made of POM are suitable for hard and matt (paper-like) surfaces.

For many devices, there are both stylus-enabled and non-stylus-enabled versions of the same model - if your device did not come with a stylus from the manufacturer, it is best to check again with the manufacturer's customer service whether your device is compatible with EMR technology.

List of compatible devices can be found here.

The LAMY AL-star EMR comes with spre nibs which can easily be replaced. We added an instruction video on how to change a nib.


Length140 mm
Length w/o cap132 mm
Length posted173 mm
Year of introduction2020
EAN Code4014519739548
Vendor Code471


4.4/5 12 reviews
Placed on 30-06-2023

ontzettend blij met de Lamy per. Werkt super

Placed on 18-01-2023

Bought it to use with an Onyx Boox e-reader (Nova 3).
The shape and the position of the button are perfect for my writing style, and the metal case really feels sturdy. It is one of the few EMR pens that comes with a cap, that makes it so much more practical. Used it with PC/EL pointier nibs and POM round nibs, both worked great, the harder POM nibs were better for tapping and using the stylus to control the tablet, the softer PC/EL nibs feel great when writing.
I found no flaws with it, would absolutely buy it again!

Placed on 18-01-2023

The product works with my reMarkable2, but I don't much care for it. It too large/fat and too lightweight. I like a thinner pen with some heft.

Placed on 18-01-2023

I use Boox Note air 2 and works perfectly!

Placed on 10-02-2022

Using it on a Wacom tablet. Biggest improvement on how the pen feels more natural on my hands having the body of an actual pen I would use to write regularly. The nib writes better than the original one that came with the tablet so overall a huge improvement. Plus I get to exchange the body parts with my Al-Star and now I have an even fancier stylus (currently in the black-purple body of an Al-Star fountain pen).

Placed on 20-11-2020

Using it with Remarkable 2. The tip needs to be changed, it does take Remarkable tips. The pen is all that can be expected from Lamy: comfortable, reliable, and perfectly design. The extra thickness is welcome. The button is not working. The behavious of the pen is not exactly the same as the pen provided by Remarkable. As fas as the pencil brush and the calligraphy pen brush are concerned, it's worse - or at least, I need to use a thicker line to get a similar behavior; for the other brushes, it's more or less the same experience. Nice add on: if you have other Lamy of the Safari/Al-Star line, you can change the barrel (usitng the barrel of a Lamy Joy, not perfect but nice and comfortable, planning on buying a Lamy AS charged green roller ball if I can find one)

Placed on 03-09-2020

Placed on 27-08-2020

Smooth writing.
I love this pen. I feel like writing with my lamy pen on the paper.

Placed on 01-06-2020

I bought this pen after losing the original white marker that came with the reMarkable tablet. Not only is this pen more affordable than buying a replacement from reMarkable, but it's also made of a higher quality and feels more comfortable to write with. The pen also writes perfectly on the reMarkable after replacing the tip with the white reMarkable tip. Due to the reMarkable software, however, the button on the pen does not work. I went with untracked shipping to Hong Kong and received the product after two weeks, in well-protected packaging. Very happy with my purchase.

Placed on 28-02-2020

I bought the Lamy for use with my Remarkable Eink tablet. The original pen is a bit too slippery and thin for me. The Lamy has fairly high friction when writing, however, it gives me more control. So, its a great pen for use with my Remarkable, however, the friction is something to get used to. I use it mainly for writing notes and making simple drawings and equations.

Placed on 10-02-2020

It works really well with the Samsung Galaxy Note series. I did buy it initially for use with the Remarkable Tablet but found that it doesn't write as well as the original Remarkable pen. Packaging was a bit basic and no spare tips provided.

Placed on 04-01-2020

I bought this to use it with Remarkable tablet. Compared with the original pen, which comes with the tablet Lamy pen is huge improvement. It fits into the hand as well as any other Lamy pen does. The nib runs smoothly on the surface and it is as close to the normal pen as possible. If you own a tablet device, this is a must purchase.

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How is this pen packed?

This pen is packed in a silver colored Lamy box. Black gift box (V60) is available to purchase separately.

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