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LAMY Safari all black ncode Set Digital Writing

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Product description

The LAMY safari all black ncode bridges the gap between the analogue notebook and the unlimited world of digital writing. In cooperation with Lamy, Korean tech company NeoLAB Convergence launches an optoelectronic writing system.
When we need to quickly capture a few thoughts, we intuitively find it easiest to do so by hand using a pen - handwritten notes, annotations and sketches are the best way to capture our ideas, process what we've experienced and so understand the world. The LAMY safari all black ncode now adds to this the fantastic potential of digital processing, combining both worlds in a single writing instrument: the advantages of analogue writing on paper with all the possibilities of digital storage and processing.

The LAMY safari all black ncode is based on the successful design classic LAMY safari all black rollerball with its proven ergonomic grip for fatigue-free writing and the distinctive, robust clip for keeping the writing instrument safe. It can be fitted with LAMY M 21 ballpoint refills in blue or black.

The pen is equipped with the ncode technology developed by NeoLAB. In online mode, the writing instrument is connected via Bluetooth to the Neo Studio App on a device. Everything written down is transmitted in real time and is visible on that device. In offline mode, the pen is not connected. However, every word, sketch or drawing is stored in the pen itself, there is a digital copy of all your notes and ideas.

ncode Sensor
The optoelectronic sensor reads the ncode pattern printed on the paper of the LAMY digital paper notebook and recognises handwriting and pages. The NeoLAB ncode sensor reads the codes from the blank surface - the processor (CPU) contained in the smart pen performs the complex mathematical calculation to locate the pen position on the page.

LED Display
Where the viewing window of the LAMY safari fountain pen shows how much ink is left in the cartridge, the LAMY safari all black ncode displays its charging status.

Micro USB port
The writing system from Lamy and NeoLAB Convergence is designed to fit perfectly with your own lifestyle. A full charge using a Micro USB cable permits 11 hours of non-stop writing.

LAMY digital paper Notebook
The LAMY digital paper comes with Neo LAB’s proprietary ncode technology. Every stroke made on the page is saved - creating a complete digital copy of the notebook with all the options you could need for working on that text in future.

Codes on the surface
Each page contains a tiny pattern - barely visible to the naked eye. These codes hold information unique to each page, including pen position. The Neo LAB ncode sensor reads the codes from the blank surface - the processor (CPU) contained in the smart pen performs the complex mathematical calculation to locate the pen position on the page.

Paper Controller
With the handy paper controller line width or colour can be selected easily and immediately for the digitally saved version of writing or sketches. The ideal solution to stay in the creative flow without having to put the pen down.

The Neo Studio App, which opens the door to the fantastic possibilities of the digital world of writing for the Lamy ncode notebook, is available as a free download from Google Play™ or the App Store™.
Thanks to Myscript, a handwriting recognition program, Neo Studio offers the option to convert handwriting into printed text in 32 languages. Each page, or just excerpts, can be saved and shared directly via weblink in a variety of formats: jpg, PDF, MP4 or gif.


Length139 mm
Length w/o cap130 mm
Length posted168 mm
Weight with cap20 gr
Year of introduction2021
Vendor Code744


LAMY M21 ballpoint refill waterproof
1,902,30 Incl. VAT

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Ask a Question

Charging doesn't work

- Please use 5.0 V power rated smartphone chargers (made by manufacturers such asSamsung, Apple, LG, etc.).
- The use of rapid chargers (products with 5.1 V to above 9.0 V power ratings) is not recommended since it may affect the pen battery's performance and lifespan.
- Please check if the light is blinking blue while the product is charging. (The blue light stays turned on without blinking when fully charged, and it turns off after a set time)
If the pen is still not charging, even after trying the normal charging method, please contact customer support for product inspection.

The power turns off automatically

- Automatic power off is set by default with the 20-minute battery save mode feature. The time for automatic power off (battery saving mode) can be set in the app. Please check the remaining battery in the app.
- The battery may be low. Please use after charging with a charger with 5.0 V power rating.

I can't turn the power off.

Please use the reset feature by pressing the pen's power button for about 15 seconds.

I can't turn the pen on.

Press the pen's power button for 15 seconds or longer to reset. Turn on the power again, connect it to a charger, andcheck the charging light. If that doesn't improve the situation, then the product is faulty.

There are sounds coming from the pen when I shake it.

These sounds come from the gap between the pen lead and other parts. The gap detects and visualizes the writing pressure, and is also used for power supply. The gap normally exists for these performances.

The LED light turned purple (pink)

When writing pressure is detected where N code doesn't exist, the purple (pink) light will turn on to indicate this.If the pen works normally in connection with the app when you move the pen away from the point detected or use N notebooks, then the pen is OK.

The LED light turned green

This means the pen is connected to the app. Please use it on an N notebook

The LED light blinks yellow.

This happens when you're running out of memory. Please connect the pen to the Neo Studio app to transfer the pen data.

The LED light turned red.

The battery is at 20% charge or lower. Please charge the pen.

The LED light blinks red

The battery is at 10% charge or lower. Please charge the pen.

The blue LED has been on while charging, but now it's turned off completely

The pen has been completely charged. Please disconnect the charger.

Can it be connected to multiple devices at the same time?

- For the pen, it can only make a 1 to 1 Bluetooth connection.
- You can register 2 or more pens to Neo Studio to use.

Bluetooth connection keeps failing.

- Please check again after rebooting both the pen and smart device. If the connection is still not working,even when you try with a different smart device, then the pen may need a professional inspection.
- When you alternate between Neo Studio and Paper Tube services,we recommend that you disconnect the pen from the service you were using or close the app before using the other service.

The Bluetooth keeps disconnecting while I use the pen

If the Bluetooth disconnection problem persists, even when the smart device and pen are close enough to each other,please try rebooting both the smart device and pen, and then reconnecting Bluetooth.If the problem persists, even after those measures are taken, then the product needs a professional inspection.

How do I replace my pen lead?

Pull off the tip of the pen lead to disconnect, and then put a new pen lead in the same place.

The notes I am making aren't shown in the Neo Studio app.

- Please check the pen's power.
- Pleasecheck if the LED light is green.
- If the glass is at the bottom of the pen lead isn't clean, clean it gently with a cotton swab or similar tool.
- For what you wrote offline, press the pen icon at the upper left to send the pen data.
- Go to the ... menu on the bottom right > Pen settings > Open the pen data transfer window > Set it to ON. Then, you will be able to check the offline data information as soon as you open the app.

I can make notes in real time, but can't transfer my offline notes.

Set a pen password, and enter another wrong password for 10 times in the re-registration page. Then the data will be reset and you check if it works normally.

I want my battery to last longer

You can set the LAMY pen to Eco mode (battery saving mode). Go to the ... menu at the bottom right > Pen settings > Advanced settings, and then enable the Eco mode.

My notes keep getting omitted, and parts of them are missing.

- Please check if the sensor part is clean, the product is exposed to direct sunlight, the pen is gripped in the right way, or the IR light is not on.
- If you use the pen with tape on the rear part of the pen lead, then there is an increased chance of product malfunction and omitted notes.If the same problem occurs, even after the tape is removed, then the glass part at the bottom of the pen lead may have been scratched.

There is no sound from the pen

LAMY pen doesn't have the pen sound feature applied, unlike other Neo smartpens. Please rest assured that this is normal.

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