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Sanctus Michael Archangelus fountain pen silver, 18k nib LE
Sanctus Michael Archangelus fountain pen silver, 18k nib LE

Tibaldi Sanctus Michael Archangelus (Archangel Saint Michael) fountain pen silver, 18k gold nib, limited edition of 324 pieces

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At a time when the world is most in need of spiritual values common to all, it is apposite to recall and honor to a saint, an angel who unites the great religions. A holy being who links the pious and the secular, Saint Michael the Archangel’s presence transcends time and transcends cultures. He stands as an ally of mankind in the war against evil.
With the Talmud, the Jewish body of rabbinic lore, defining his name as “Who is like the Lord?”, by name alone he has provided the war-cry of the righteous angels in the heavenly battle fought against evil. He seems ubiquitous, St Michael appearing throughout the world’s holy works both by name or by inference. Supporting the defenseless and the captive, he is to the Jewish people their champion, to Christians a bulwark against Satan and the rescuer of the souls of the faithful from the power of the enemy, at the hour of death.
In the Islamic tradition, Muslim commentators (with reference to Sura 11:69) that Michael was one of the three angels who visited Abraham. Saint Michael also resonates with followers of the Bahai faith, the church of the Latter-Day Saints, for whom Michael and Adam are the same individual, and with Jehova’s Witnesses who believe that Jesus and the Archangel Michael are the same, the first being created by Jehova and through whom he made the universe, the angels and mankind.
As a force of righteousness, for goodness, the descriptions, references and allusions are unequivocal.
Saint Michael is not only a warrior; he is also a healer, physician and a protector.

A source of inspiration for countless painters, Saint Michael is typically depicted as winged and with unsheathed sword. Portrayed as young and strong, in magnificent armor, he is often seen in combat with a dragon, or standing upon the vanquished Satan.
In John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost, Saint Michael, commands the God’s army of angels against the forces of Satan. Saint Michael defeats Satan in personal combat, wounding the Prince of Darkness in his side. It is this image that captures the essence of Saint Michael and it is this image that adorns the pen fashioned in his honor by Tibaldi.
Tibaldi’s source is the stunningly beautiful icon created by a master from Palekh, who was influenced by the Russian modernist style. Adapted for the pen by Tibaldi’s talented artist, Lorena Straffi, the Archangel appears on a gold background, the texture and detail simulating a mosaic. He tramples underfoot a devil, represented as a young man reclining on the grassy ground, decorated with narcissuses. In his right hand, Michael holds a cross, a spear and a criterion; in his left, he carries the lowered sword in the patterned sheath.
Tibaldi’s designers have wrapped this image around the pen’s barrel, creating its detail in relief, for the Archangel’s wings, body and armor are reproduced in silver, hand engraved and perforated to show the colors of a classical icon through the apertures.
The image is also engraved on the 18k solid gold nib.

In keeping with Tibaldi’s tradition, the pen has been developed according to the strictures of the Divine Proportion (phi). Its clip is shaped like and angel’s wing.

Limited edition of 324 pieces of each fountain pen and roller ball. The number 324 recalls the earliest reference to Saint Michael in the Old Testament, as the cerub who stood at the gate of paradise, “to keep the way of the tree of life” (Genesis 3:24)

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