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By natta S. on 23 July 2019 :
Product rated : Kaweco Sport Skyline fountain pen mint

great product!!!

very comfortable for writing. light and fine. really love it!!!

By Rahul D. on 19 July 2019 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero blue Hawaii fountain pen

One of best steel nibs in the market!

Leonardo is soon becoming my favorite pen maker. I already own their limited edition Rosewood Ebonite with a gold medium nib and wanted to try their steel nib which was so raved about plus this pen's material was too good to pass.
And boy did this pen live up to my expectations and how! This is a very well made writing instrument and easily one of the best steel nib amongst all the brands available currently in the market. Please buy it and thank me later.

By David L. on 18 July 2019 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero sea stone and gold trim fountain pen

Beautiful Pen

I bought a steel Fine nib version of this pen and love it. Writes nice and smooth, medium wet and couldn't be happier.

By Patrick C. on 18 July 2019 :
Product rated : Leonardo Furore Abyss celluloid fountain pen

Prachtig schrijfinstrument van (inmiddels bekende) hoge kwaliteit

Met deze LE heeft Leonardo wederom de nodige wensen van vulpen liefhebbers afgevinkt en een hoogwaardig product afgeleverd:
- Mooi celluloid
- Piston filler
- 14K, zachte en perfect getunede nib
- Ebonite feeder in Omas traditie
Kortom: een echte Limited Edition.

Fontoplumo communiceerde goed en de vulpen kwam mooi verpakt aan. Altijd weer een kadootje om uit te pakken! ;-)

By Peter H. on 17 July 2019 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero green marbled fountain pen

Love it

I had been seeing posting for Leonardo pens for a while and had even looked them up on Fontoplumo. All the reviews were excellent and this model does not disappoint.
It did help that Fontoplumo was having a sale, so decided to pull the trigger.
Communication was excellent, and the pen arrived as described.
Could not be happier with my purchase and also loved the experience of purchasing at Fontoplumo.

By John H. on 17 July 2019 :
Product rated : Conid Monarch Kingsize Bulkfiller fountain pen

My Perfect Pen

I have been collecting modern fountain pens for several years and I already possess three Conids. When I discovered that an orange, ebonite, kingsize model was available I simply had to have one. Orange is my favourite colour and I love the warm feel of ebonite with its friendly, sulphurous aroma.
My Monarch is in a refined, dusky hue, not the garish, citric colour usually offered by pen manufacturers and the titanium nib is arguable smoother than a gold one, allowing a wide line variation.
As a somewhat dour Yorkshireman I rarely employ hyperbole, but this is simply my perfect pen, the one I’ve been searching for. I feel privileged to own this limited edition. Very well done!

By Jinhwa K. on 17 July 2019 :
Product rated : Kaweco Sport Sunrise fountain pen - Fontoplumo Exclusive


마지막 친구를 제가 가졌네요ㅎㅎ m닙 밖에 안남아서 처음 사봤는데 필기감이 아주 좋아요! 예쁜 펜~

By Jinhwa K. on 17 July 2019 :
Product rated : Kaweco Sport Frosted Sweet Banana fountain pen


노란색도 아주 예쁘고 ef인데 긁히는 느낌없이 잘 써져요! 추천해요~

By Jinhwa K. on 17 July 2019 :
Product rated : Kaweco Clip Sport chrome


펜이랑 잘 어울리네요! 예뻐요~

By Jaap C. on 15 July 2019 :
Product rated : Pelikan Classic M215 vulpen zwart en zilver

Goede pen voor dagelijks gebruik.

Ik heb deze pen aangeschaft om dagelijks mee te nemen naar mijn werk.
Ik vindt de M805 te groot om elke dag in mijn borstzak mee te nemen.
De M200 serie ( met de M400 serie ) heeft de juiste afmeting om precies in een borstzak te passen.
Ik heb voor de M215 gekozen ( i.p.v. een M400 ) omdat deze een aantrekkelijke balans heeft tussen prijs en kwaliteit. ( en hij ziet er goed uit )
Op het papier dat we op het werk gebruiken schrijft de stalen punt van de M215 even goed als de gouden punt van de M400 serie.

By Maria C. on 08 July 2019 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero blue positano fountain pen

Stunning looks, great writer

The Leonardo Momento Zero Blue Positano is a very good looking, big pen. The resin material is of very high quality, and the blue positano colour is just fabulous. The medium steel nib writes smooth and perfectly out of the box. Even though the Leonardo is a big pen, it lies very comfortable and balanced in the hand. The writing experience is great.
Very happy with my purchase and first class selling and delivery from Fontoplumo.

By Aznam O. on 08 July 2019 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero Matt Black fountain pen

Beautiful writer

It's my 4th Momento Zero. Love the solid feel & steel nib writes very well. Slight rattle from the converter in the barrel if you tap it hard enough but it doesn't bother me because it doesn't rattle whilst writing. Of course, overall shopping experience has always been very pleasant with Frank.

By Elke A. on 05 July 2019 :
Product rated : 849 Claim Your Style Green ballpoint pen, special edition

Rating for the ballpoint pen

The whole ordering process was great, also the quick delivery.
I like my oen very much, especially the colore.

By Tony V. on 03 July 2019 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero blue Hawaii fountain pen

Leonardo Momento Zero Hawaii

Absolutely wonderful looking pen. Fits well in the hand and has a very smooth nib. Writes perfectly. Excellent service by Fontoplumo.

By Petchjira L. on 29 June 2019 :
Product rated : Kaweco Special S Short mechanical pencil black 2.0mm

Great short one

Love this short pencil and 2.0mm is good for drawing as well. Material of this pencil feel tough and simple to use in style of Kaweco. Highly reccommend for traveler or someone who always work outside your home.

By Satit L. on 27 June 2019 :
Product rated : Lamy Aion fountain pen red - Special Edition of 2019

Good looking

New nib design but result as old one, Nice touching material

By Dirk B. on 26 June 2019 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero red marbled fountain pen

Momento Zero Red Marbled Fine Nib

The pen indeed looks nice, better than on the photo. There is an interesting play in the marbled resin pattern.
Solid, large-ish in my hands.
Phenomenal! Smooth and springy.

By Steve V. on 25 June 2019 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero blue positano fountain pen

A beautifully made pen and beautiful looking pen

The MomentoZero is a very smooth writer with good ink capacity from the included Converter which is also Leonardo branded. I have two now, one with a Fine nib and the other with 1.5 stub and both write very well indeed.

By Siva G. on 24 June 2019 :
Product rated : Conid Monarch Minimalistica Bulkfiller fountain pen

Fantastic Pen and great Service

My grail pen all through was Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age. I have come across Conid and was head over heels for this product. I immediately contacted the Conid website and the waiting time was excruciating - not complaining. But could not wait up to September which was the delivery period expected as on May 2019.
It was then I searched for the Special editions and I made up my mind that I would buy it from Fontoplumo. Corresponded with Frank, a wonderful person to deal with. On getting the answers to my queries, I have pulled the trigger with a specific request for ensuring the delivery on 22.6 being my birthday.
Inspite of the technical delays, I got the same delivered on the dot. I was given a complimentary Ink Bottle and the shipment was done by DHL Express contrary to the policy that I would be entitled for it free only if the order value exceeds 400€.
This could not have happened but for Frank. Loved dealing with Fontoplumo.
As far as the Conid Pen is concerned it is just wonderful. Even with a steel medium nib it is a pleasure writing with it. Fantastic pen and equally fantastic service.

By Barry J. on 22 June 2019 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero deep blue fountain pen

lovley pen

lovely pen but bad feed, nib excellent, runs dry and skips.

review reply  I read the review you wrote where you indicate the pen skips.
Few questions,
- have you tried different types of ink? (sometimes a pen works better with other ink)
- how did you determine the feed is the problem?
We'd like to make the pen work for you so you have a proper writing experience. review reply

Shop owner reply on 23 June 2019