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By Neil B. on 06 July 2020 :
Product rated : Caran d'Ache 844 Classic mechanical pencil grey with 0,7mm lead

844 pencil

Item arrived very quickly. The pencil is well made.

By Neil B. on 06 July 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo nib for fountain pen, steel (complete screw in unit)

Leonardo nib

Arrived very quickly

By A S. on 06 July 2020 :
Product rated : TWSBI Diamond 580 AL fountain pen

TWSBI Diamond 580 AL Medium penpunt

Deze Taiwanese vulpen kan zich moeiteloos meten met dure concurrenten. Als je op een bescheiden budget zit of je hebt gewoon niet veel geld over voor pennen, dan is dit een uitstekende koop.

By Antony S. on 06 July 2020 :
Product rated : Wahl Eversharp Signature Positano fountain pen with gold trim

Wahl Eversharp Signature Positano Medium penpunt

Fraai Amerikaans vakwerk. Ligt goed in de hand en schrijft geweldig. Wat zou je nog meer moeten zeggen, dan koop er ook een.

By Joshua D. on 03 July 2020 :
Product rated : Aurora Ink Red 55ml Special Edition


Very nice red, not pink, not blood colored, just a simple red color ink. Recommend.

By Peter S. on 03 July 2020 :
Product rated : Santini Libra Jungle resin fountain pen

Beautiful pen with a good value proposition

Nowadays when there are an increasing number of pens having steel nibs over €200, Santini Libra has a solid value proposition. It's an oversized resin pen, comes with a gold nib and is a piston filler with a ratchet mechanism.

The pen looks very pretty and the marbled resin has a nice depth to it. It's light and comfortable to write with. Green is somewhat a less common colour and I think Santini's resin looks interesting, they nailed it with the Jungle variant. The section has a rounded small step down from the barrel. The threads are not sharp at all. The section tapers down to 11 mm at its narrowest and flairs out at the nib. It provides a comfortable and secure grip whether you prefer to hold the pen closer to the nib or further back. It's an oversize pen, has a similar length as a Leonardo Momento Zero Grande so it's big enough to be used unposted. Nevertheless the pen can be posted. The cap is light and posts fairly deep so it does not back-weight the pen.

The nib is in-house made, gold and stamped with the Santini logo. Don't get me wrong, a laser engraved steel nib sourced from Bock or Jowo can have an amazing performance. However one must give credit to Santini for their excellent - and pretty - in-house gold nib. The size of the nib is around the standard #6, a bit smaller. The nib is smooth, stiff and has some pleasant feedback. Mine runs a bit dry but not overly dry, I'm comfortable with it. If someone needs a gusher I'm sure the friction fitted nib can be adjusted.

All in all Santini is commendable for making a pretty solid pen packed with nice features for a reasonable price.

By Bruno T. on 03 July 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Dark Hawaii fountain pen

Great pen! Great customer service!

The Leonardo Momento Zero Grande was a great choice. The pen is a great writer and the size is just perfect for me. And the blue hawaii model is just beautiful! The piston filling system was a great upgrade. 5* also to fontoplumo service. The pen took a while to arrive due to the covid-19 situation, but Frank constantly kept me up to date of the progress. Totally recommend!

By Kittiphon N. on 28 June 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero blue positano fountain pen silver trim

Gorgeous pen!!

Initially when I opened the box, I am quite surprised that the color of the pen is more teal than light blue as shown above. However. the swirling pattern of resin is awesome and the build quality is beyond my expectation for the pen at this price. The nib is well tuned. (I also asked for nib tuning service therefore it should be working right out of the box.)

By Kittiphon N. on 28 June 2020 :
Product rated : Montblanc Meisterstück Le Petit Prince LeGrand 146 fountain pen

Excellent writer

This pen is gorgeous with juicy smooth nib. The body is well-made and decorated. To summarize, pricey but worth it if you can afford.

By Fred L. on 27 June 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo Furore passie rood met goud vulpen

prachtige pen

In het begin ging het wat moeilijk met de inkt maar na enkele minuten wonderbaarlijk iets op papier kunnen zetten,de pen is erg mooi kwa uiterlijkheden.

By Felix W. on 26 June 2020 :
Product rated : Sailor Pro Gear Slim Blue Dwarf fountain pen

Perfect Pen

As always with Sailor ProGear pens, this one has perfect fit and finish and and a wonderful nib. When posted this smaller pen becomes full size and is easy to use for longer writing sessions. This particular LE is so beautiful. The sparkles highlight the sky blue resin.

By Latthaphon P. on 22 June 2020 :
Product rated : Sailor Pro Gear Slim Blue Dwarf fountain pen

Beautiful and great nib performance

As Sailor brand, Nib is a very great writing experience, together with Blue Dwarf limited edition ... I love it.

By Bazyli C. on 20 June 2020 :
Product rated : TWSBI Diamond 580 AL R Prussian Blue fountain pen

Great pen

Nothing to add, I love the pen and I love the color

By Hans V. on 18 June 2020 :
Product rated : Diplomat Aero fountain pen red

Fountain pen "Diplomat"

I am satisfied with my pen, it has a nice design, it is appropiate for my hand, it has the good size for my great hand, it has a considerable weight, wich keeps my movement under control and the ink flows easily.

With friendly regards, Hans van Pelt !

By Roy H. on 17 June 2020 :
Product rated : Fine Writing Golden Armor Brass fountain pen

What a nice surprise

It’s not like me to spontaneously buy a pen, I have too many as it is, and it’s not a cheap pen. But I took a fancy to it. It has a Jowo nib I think and a very simple barrel. The cap could be used as a paperweight it is soooo heavy. It looks laser cut with a pleasant design. Without the cap the pen is well balanced and it is a very easy pen to use. With ink in the converter it looks great and writes very well indeed. It can be used as an eye dropper and I had intended to do that but it does look great with the converter I may not do it. Really well made pen from good materials. Mid weight feel, suit most writers.

By Roy H. on 17 June 2020 :
Product rated : Aurora Ink Black 55ml Special Edition

Why have I not bought this ink before

I love this ink. Ok it’s black so hardly exciting. But it is quite a wet black. It gives a nice solid consistent line even in the few dry pens I have tried. Aurora Black deserves its reputation. It’s like Namiki black but with more flow/wetting.

By Roy H. on 17 June 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo nib for fountain pen, steel (complete screw in unit)

They are nibs

I think these are Bock. It comes with the feed. There’s little to say other than mine worked well. I bought a replacement because my previous Leonardo nib was never great and although I can work on nibs I could never seem to get a good performance out of it.

By Roy H. on 17 June 2020 :
Product rated : Caran d'Ache Fixpencil mechanical pencil black with 2mm lead

Early design

This is one of the earliest design of clutch pencil. The surface finish is very unusual giving a nice secure feel. It is slightly shorter than average although not by much and is light. I would say this a great pencil for those with smaller hands and a light touch.

By Kittiphon N. on 16 June 2020 :
Product rated : Sailor Shikiori Yonaga ink 20ml

Sailor Shikiori Yonaga

This is a deep dark blue ink (not quite a blue black). Smooth flow, no sheening or shading. I didn't see any bleed through on poor quality paper. Great product from Sailor!

By PA V. on 14 June 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo Furore purple and rosegold trim fountain pen

Leonardo Furore Purple

In combination with the Leonardo deep purple ink it is a great pleasure to write. The minutes of any meeting become a joy to write. The medium nib has a juicy flow.