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Kaweco Sport Skyline vulpen grijs
  • Kaweco Sport Skyline vulpen grijs
  • Kaweco Sport Skyline vulpen grijs
Kaweco Sport Skyline vulpen grijs
Kaweco Sport Skyline vulpen grijs Kaweco Sport Skyline vulpen grijs
Kaweco Sport Skyline vulpen grijs
€ 17,89

Kaweco Sport Skyline grijs vulpen, stalen penpuntr

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  We leveren via PostNL in Nederland, Global Mail voor daarbuiten

Gratis verzending vanaf € 99.


Retour binnen 14 dagen, met originele verpakking en ongebruikt


De Skyline serie onderscheidt zich van de Classic door een aantal andere kleuren en de zilverkleurige afwerking als tekst op de dop, het Kaweco logo op de top van de dop en de zilverkleurige pen punt.

Kaweco Classic Sport is reeds 100 jaar een begrip!
Gesloten meet de pen slechts 10,5 cm en open 13,5 cm. De pen gebruikt inkt cartridges voor vulling of een converter zodat u de pen ook uit een inktpot kunt vullen en is leverbaar met de volgende penpunten EF, F, M, B en BB, kan worden geleverd met clip of zonder clip. Een clip kan separaat worden besteld.
Als accessoire of indien u de pen geeft als kado, is het Kaweco etui een leuke toevoeging.



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By on  10 Feb 2019 (Kaweco Sport Skyline vulpen grijs) :
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By on  24 Dec 2015 (Kaweco Sport Skyline vulpen grijs) :

Best Gift!

It was my first order from fontoplumo and I have decided to go for 3 kaweco skylines and 3 diamine inks. This one was ordered to be given as new year gift and everything turned great. (of course I couldn't wait till new years eve.) My fountain pen geek boyfriend loved his gift! The package arrived in 12 days to Turkey which is perfect as we consider it is christmas time. Thank you Frank!

By on  06 Oct 2014 (Kaweco Sport Skyline vulpen grijs) :


Great service, good product
This gray Kaweco pen has a very nice color
As I am always pleased with what I bought
thank you

By on  31 Aug 2014 (Kaweco Sport Skyline vulpen grijs) :

Great pen!

The color of the pen and the flow of the ink is a dream. I love the look it's a classic. Frank's been great and will notify the shipment of the products. I am going to order more from Fontoplumo!

By on  26 Aug 2014 (Kaweco Sport Skyline vulpen grijs) :

Awesome stuff!

I've recently been interested in fountain pen particularly LAMY but someone's suggested that I try Kaweco so I decided to order one. Grey is not as boring as black and more formal than mint, so I think I can use it for work. The nip size F is similar to LAMY but I think it has a smoother touch to it, or was it my imagination? I'm still not use to the screw cap, so sometimes I stupidly try to pull the pen out without unscrew it *facepalm.* I love the octagonal design and the old-school hint with the logo on the cap and the nip. While LAMY is more modern, Kaweco sport seems like something from the past which make me more in love with it. This is my first Kaweco pen and definitely won't be the last ;)

By on  28 Jun 2014 (Kaweco Sport Skyline vulpen grijs) :

I had to have this colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to get this pen for the grey colour of the barrel. These are great pocket friendly pens. First clean the nib unit with some pen flush followed by copious amounts of water. I use a syringe with a biopsy type needle, a syringe bulb of the type they use on newborn babies to clear their airways, and a cotton swab. There are pen flush solutions available, also. If you don't have pen flush you can fill up a 15mL bottle with water and put a drop but, just one drop, of washing up liquid in it. Use the syringe bulb to flush the nib unit about 3 times and allow it to dry overnight. I add a little silicon grease around the threads of the nib, which I unscrew from the grip section. I do that just prior to filling. The Kaweco squeeze converter, or just the used international cartridge, to use with different colours of ink. What a great price for someone who doesn't have too much funds available. I wish I knew about the Kaweco Sport as a teenager. I think I would have had several of them. I know some people use the ICE Sports as eyedropper pens, without any cartridge, for being able to fill with loads of their favorite ink. I like changing ink too much for that.