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Leonardo Momento Zero vulpen hoorn edelhars
  • Leonardo Momento Zero vulpen hoorn edelhars
  • Leonardo Momento Zero vulpen hoorn edelhars
Leonardo Momento Zero vulpen hoorn edelhars
Leonardo Momento Zero vulpen hoorn edelhars Leonardo Momento Zero vulpen hoorn edelhars video
Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen
€ 122,31

Leonardo Momento Zero vulpen, gemaakt uit edelhars, in de kleur positano blauw, een klassieke vulpen met stalen penpunt en cartridge converter vulsysteem (converter wordt meegeleverd)

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  We leveren via PostNL in Nederland, Global Mail voor daarbuiten

Gratis verzending vanaf € 99.


Retour binnen 14 dagen, met originele verpakking en ongebruikt


Een familietraditie welke wordt voortgezet.

Met meer dan 45 jaar ervaring in het veld van schrijfinstrumenten, doorgegeven van vader naar zoon., van generatie naar generatie.

Leonardo Officina Italiana werkt aan objecten geïnspireerd door de emotie en het verleden. Kijkend naar de oude vulsystemen en materialen welke het vakmanschap al zo lang tonen. De Leonardo pennen hebben een ziel, menselijke warmte wat alleen overbracht kan worden door de passie welke er mee samen gaat.

Elke Leonardo pen wordt met de hand gemaakt, in Italië en gaat gepaard met een levenslange garantie tegen fabricage fouten.


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Specifieke referenties

By on  19 Dec 2019 (Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen) :

Très content de mon achat.


Je salue la réactivité du site pour l'envoi et le soutien très cordial de Frank suite à de gros retards dûs à la poste allemande.

Pour ce qui concerne le stylo, je le trouve très beau et d'une très bonne qualité de finition. Il tombe bien en main. Le diamètre de la section est, pour moi, juste parfait de même que son équilibre général. Le débit de l'encre est tout à fait constant et très riche (attention pour ceux qui ont une écriture plutôt petite, choisir une plume F me semble suffisant). La plume, bien que rigide, est très agréable et permet de légers effets de pleins et déliés. Un plaisir à utiliser.

Le stylo est livré complet (cartouches + converter). A souligner !

Bref, c'est une très belle première expérience avec ce vendeur et il y en aura sans doute d'autres.

G. Lodomez

By on  28 Nov 2019 (Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen) :

Lovely pen

I ordered this pen with a broad nib. The pen is really beautiful and the broad nib very smooth and wet. I ordered a separate medium nib but i had some issues of hard starts and skipping. I reported to the shop owner and he kindly asked me to send it back for checking. The broad nib is a little bit broader for my taste so i really hope I will get back a medium nib with no skipping and hesitating because the medium nib will be the one i will use at the end. If this is sorted out i will be extremely happy with my purchase.

By on  26 Nov 2019 (Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen) :

Beautiful pens and writes smoothly out of the box!

My orders just arrived today! It is a beautiful pens and a swirl look of material is amazing. First I think I have ordered a silver trim. But it came with a gold trim. Wait! but I just like a gold trim in hand. Once I open a package it just stunning moment when that gold trim catch my eyes! The color of it is a little bit darker than a photo on the website. A feeling while writing is smooth but it has a bit feedback like a Platinum 3776. But its not a scratchy feeling at all. I have only one downside is it has a little scratch on a clip out of the box. First I think it is my fingerprints on it. I really recommend this pen and the Fontoplumo shop. I hope you will understand my poor English skills and hope its useful if you have radar on this pen.


By on  10 Oct 2019 (Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen) :
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
By on  18 Sep 2019 (Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen) :

Good value.

An attractive pen with good writing characteristics.

By on  26 Aug 2019 (Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen) :

(old rating 1/5) 

Hard starts and skips

I really wanted to like this pen, but even though FontoPlumo gave it a quick test, as I began using it I had constant skips and hard starts. I’ve cleaned it several times and used different kinds of ink. Folks at FontoPlumo have been on vacation and I’m waiting for a response. I hope they can remedy the situation!

Update: Customer Service from Frank was great and he shipped me a replacement nib/feed unit. Much better results although not perfect. Still some skipping at times, but at least it’s usable now. I’ll continue to try different inks and see what works best and may eventually need to send to a nibmeister. Based on my sample of two I’d say that the Leonardo nib/feeds aren’t of the same quality as the rest of the pen, which are gorgeous, feel good in the hand, and when they’re getting enough ink, write smoothly.

We will get back to your question you send per email in the next days and solve the issue

Shop owner reply on 27 Aug 2019
By on  19 Aug 2019 (Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen) :

Beautiful writing instrument

Can't go wrong with this pen. Beautiful resin & nib. Writes well out of the box. Good for small to medium-size hands. Good weight too.

By on  08 Jul 2019 (Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen) :

Stunning looks, great writer

The Leonardo Momento Zero Blue Positano is a very good looking, big pen. The resin material is of very high quality, and the blue positano colour is just fabulous. The medium steel nib writes smooth and perfectly out of the box. Even though the Leonardo is a big pen, it lies very comfortable and balanced in the hand. The writing experience is great.
Very happy with my purchase and first class selling and delivery from Fontoplumo.

By on  25 Jun 2019 (Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen) :

A beautifully made pen and beautiful looking pen

The MomentoZero is a very smooth writer with good ink capacity from the included Converter which is also Leonardo branded. I have two now, one with a Fine nib and the other with 1.5 stub and both write very well indeed.

By on  15 Apr 2019 (Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen) :

Stunning visually/incredibly smooth writer

This pen took my breath away! The color and depth of the acrylic is just gorgeous. And the medium steel nib is the smoothest writer in my collection.
The service from Frank at Fontplumo was first class. This is my second Fontplumo purchase and it won’t be my last. I will most definitely be adding to my Leonardo collection soon!

By on  12 Apr 2019 (Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen) :

Beautiful and functional pen/fantastic service

I received my Leonardo Momento Zero in Blue Positano acrylic several days ago and could not be more pleased. It is a stunning pen (the material really must be seen in person to be properly appreciated) and is presented and packaged thoughtfully. I chose the fine job, which writes excellently out of the box with no need for adjustment. I primarily use fountain pen optimized paper (Rhodia, Clairefontaine, Apica, etc.) so my impressions of the smoothness of the nib will relate mostly to the use of the pen on papers such as these. The nib is tuned well and the pen is a joy to use. Specifically, I will comment on how comfortable the section is; I was not sure I would like it based only on the pictures, but it is exceptionally comfortable. It is a somewhat larger pen - not an oversize at all, but larger than some. I wholeheartedly recommend this pen to anyone wanting a daily use pen that is both comfortable and beautiful. I am loving mine!

By on  12 Mar 2019 (Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen) :

Great value for a beautiful pen

I recently purchased this pen with a stub nib. Wow! It is a beautiful pen and the lettering coming off the stub nib is equally beautiful. Everything about this pen is high quality... but at a relatively affordable price for what you get. I love it has a blind cap and I love the converter twister is in gold to match the rest of the furniture. The nib is super smooth with great ink flow. I'm glad I bought, This is my 2nd Fontoplumo pen... well packed. The first shipped and was delivered very quickly. This one was on backorder, so took a bit longer, but I was expecting that.

By on  10 Mar 2019 (Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen) :
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
By on  24 Feb 2019 (Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen) :

Highly recommend this pen!

I really do like this pen. The color and materials are lovely. It’s very well constructed. I purchased the EF nib, and it’s an exceptionally smooth & consistent writer. It’s my first blind cap, and I do love the feature.

All these features, when combined with the VERY competitive price, make this an excellent purchase, and an every-day carry.

By on  27 Jan 2019 (Leonardo Momento Zero blauw positano vulpen) :

Excellent pen

The Leonardo Momento Zero is a great example of fine Italian craftsmanship and design. The choice of materials and colors is perfect. The large nib performs well, as it glides across the page. It feels large in the hand, but not uncomfortable, even when posted.
The only problem is suppressing the desire to collect more of the LMZ range!
The order was filled promptly and was packaged expertly. Even though this particular item was on back order, The total time from order to delivery was just under three weeks, from Delft to Boston, Massachusetts.
Thanks, Frank, and thanks and congratulations to Salvatore Matrone, and his father Ciro - the designers and producers of this awesome new range.