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Leonardo Momento Zero celluloid Mediterraneo 2 Blue vulpen
  • Leonardo Momento Zero celluloid Mediterraneo 2 Blue vulpen
  • Leonardo Momento Zero celluloid Mediterraneo 2 Blue vulpen
Leonardo Momento Zero celluloid Mediterraneo 2 Blue vulpen
Leonardo Momento Zero celluloid Mediterraneo 2 Blue vulpen Leonardo Momento Zero celluloid Mediterraneo 2 Blue vulpen
Leonardo Momento Zero Mediterraneo 2 Blue celluloid vulpen
€ 570,25

Leonardo Momento Zero vulpen, gemaakt uit celluloid, in de kleur Mediterraneo blauw, een klassieke vulpen met 14k gouden penpunt en piston vulsysteem. De pen in dit materiaal is een gelimiteerde editie van 100 stuks. Deze Mediterraneo wijkt af van de eerdere editie, in het feit dat de dop 3 ringen heeft, ipv 2 bij de eerdere editie

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  We leveren via PostNL in Nederland, Global Mail voor daarbuiten

Gratis verzending vanaf € 99.


Retour binnen 14 dagen, met originele verpakking en ongebruikt


Een familietraditie welke wordt voortgezet.

Met meer dan 45 jaar ervaring in het veld van schrijfinstrumenten, doorgegeven van vader naar zoon., van generatie naar generatie.

Leonardo Officina Italiana werkt aan objecten geïnspireerd door de emotie en het verleden. Kijkend naar de oude vulsystemen en materialen welke het vakmanschap al zo lang tonen. De Leonardo pennen hebben een ziel, menselijke warmte wat alleen overbracht kan worden door de passie welke er mee samen gaat.

Elke Leonardo pen wordt met de hand gemaakt, in Italië en gaat gepaard met een levenslange garantie tegen fabricage fouten.


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By on  23 Dec 2018 (Leonardo Momento Zero Mediterraneo 2 Blue celluloid vulpen) :

Huge disappointment

Unfortunately this pen is a huge disappointment for me. I received this pen on Dec. 05 2018 so I've had it for two weeks now. I was unable to return it for a myriad of reasons which I will list below.

1. This pen is like the Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl. You can get a beautiful one with lots of bright swirls or you can get one that has huge swathes of dark patches. Mine is the latter which I could have lived with if it didn't have the other issues. Having said that if you are planning on buying this pen I highly recommend you ask your vendor to send you pictures of the exact unit you are buying. I understand that celluloid will have variations but if you want a pen that looks like the images you see online you should ask for photos to be sure that's what you're getting. If you're wondering what I mean about dark patches you can see mine here: https://imgur.com/a/mLXLYY3

2. The piston is incredibly stiff. I was not necessarily expecting Pelikan or Aurora levels of smooth (even though the price is similar or higher) however this feels like the TWSBI 580 I had when the grease inside began to run dry. Unfortunately there is no way to add a little more grease to help lubricate it because if you remove the nib you void your warranty.

3. The nib. Here is where I have the biggest problem. The nib has slight baby's bottom (and so too does the other Leonardo Momento Zero I received on the same day) and is missing a bit near the top of the nib on one tine. I don't have a camera that can take such fine close ups but here's a very basic doodle to give you an idea of the nibs: https://imgur.com/scqbbmO
The pens do write and this one is such a wet writer that it covers up the problem very well but it will give occasional hard starts. However at this price point I have trouble stomaching the spotty nib quality. The Matte Black I purchased is dry and hard starts frequently. I will have to send it out to be worked on.

Now I asked Frank to test the pens before shipping which he very graciously did and he included the test cards as proof. Unfortunately because I saw the test cards I went ahead and inked up the pens which meant I could no longer return them. I am not blaming Frank for this problem but rather mentioning it here so potential buyers can be aware.

The frustrating thing about the Leonardo pens is that the bodies are beautiful and well made. If they would only take the time to actually LOOK at their nibs before sending them out I think they would be stellar. The resin pen is at a much lower price point so it's not quite so upsetting but this Mediterraneo is a limited edition of 100 pens at much higher price. Would it have hurt them to check it before shipping?

For these reasons I cannot recommend this pen to anyone unless they are willing to have additional warranty voiding work done afterwards. At the price these are going for I think you can get much better pens from other makers like a limited edition Aurora or Pelikan which, while the possibility of QC problems exists, have easily exchangeable nibs that won't void your warranty. These pens have the potential to be superb but fall short on silly QC issues.

I sincerely hope Leonardo takes the time to start checking their nibs before shipping out pens at this cost. It is the heart and soul of any fountain pen and I feel that they may have focused too much on the aesthetics of their pens before the actual function. A little QC would go a long way.