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By Sumeth B. on 21 Sep 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero blue Hawaii fountain pen

Wonderful pen

I just received today . I am very exciting to open the box . When I saw the pen , wow it is so nice . I love this pen and happy to be owner. This is my working pen . Good value for money .

By Anne K. on 19 Sep 2020 :
Product rated : Sailor Manyo Ume inkt 50ml


Ik ken de inkt van SAILOR,goede kwaliteit.

Aanvulling voor mijn collectie inktflesjes.

By Anne K. on 19 Sep 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero Orange Dreams en goud vulpen


prachtige pen,schrijft goed en goede aanvulling verzameling

By Nausheer P. on 11 Sep 2020 :
Product rated : Sailor Manyo Kikyou ink 50ml

Excellent ink

Nice color, shading on the typical papers, a good blue black for formal and casual use.
Top notch service from Frank as always.

By Adrian R. on 03 Sep 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero horn fountain pen

Nice Pen

Very nice pen love the colour

By Bige H. on 29 Aug 2020 :
Product rated : Inkt spuit 5ml met stompe naald

Super handig

Erg blij met deze handige spuit. Ik ga er mijn lege inktbuisjes mee vullen, zo hoef ik niet voor elke vulpen een converter te gebruiken.

By puttapong S. on 27 Aug 2020 :
Product rated : Lamy AL-star EMR black stylus

Smooth writing.

I love this pen. I feel like writing with my lamy pen on the paper.

By Leslie B. on 22 Aug 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Vesuvio fountain pen

My new favorite pen

I own two Momento Zeros, and this is my first MZ Grande. In every way, it represents a major improvement. The nib and ebonite feed arrived well tuned. The piston mechanism is simple to operate. The MZG is a bigger pen than the MZ: slightly heavier, girthier, and taller. The section width is comfortable albeit at the limit of what works for me. Finally, the beautiful Primary Manipulation body makes me smile every time I pick up the pen. A perfect collaboration by Salvatore and Jonathan!

By Maria C. on 20 Aug 2020 :
Product rated : Lamy Pico white ballpoint pen

Great product

The Lamy Pico is a pocket pen with an awesome design. It is 8,5 cm long and look like a small tube with rounded edges at both ends. Just a small push at the top and a penpoint comes out and the pen extends at the same time to a regular size pen that writes very well. Push again and the pen contracts. Wonderful. The pen uses Lamy M 22 ballpoint refills. Very happy with my purchase and with Fontoplumo’s service.

By Mikko I. on 20 Aug 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Copper fountain pen

Gorgeus, big and fine writer!

This is my second Leonardo, first Momento Zero Grande. The orange-amber patterns really need to be seen live when rotating the pen in hand. The same applies to other Leonardo resins as well, btw.
The MZ Grande is big, but just enough so. It has heft, but it is not too heavy.
The cursive italic regrind from Fontoplumo works great. Just the type of dry'ish writer I like. Recommended.

By Mikko I. on 19 Aug 2020 :
Product rated : Schon DSGN Pocket Six Water on Mars fountain pen limited run

A fine and beautiful pen!

The pen is indeed very well made and wonderful to behold. The "one-sided" pictures fail to do justice to the colourful patterns on the writing instrument. The threads on the cap and pen body look reliable and robust. The concept of the pen is similar to the Kaweco Liliput, but I prefer the more substantial diameter of the Pocket Six. If it were a tad heavier... but, I am very happy with it as it is!

By Valerie Maria P P. on 19 Aug 2020 :
Product rated : Lamy Scala dark violet fountain pen special edition

Lamy scala dark violet extra fine nib

This is my third Lamy pen after the Safari and Logo, and I am really pleased with it. The colour turned out to be a little lighter in person compared to the pictures on my computer but I love it! The pen looks very classy! The grip is wider than the Lamy Logo but thinner than the Studio. Without posting the cap the weight is really perfect for me. If you post the cap, the pen gets much heavier and I'm also a bit concerned about the lacquer being damaged by posting. I usually don't like posting my pens so that's not really an issue for me. The price on Fontoplumo was much cheaper than the other online shops I looked into. Since it's a limited edition, I am really glad I could get mine on time!

By Valerie Maria P P. on 19 Aug 2020 :
Product rated : Lamy Studio fountain pen imperial blue

Lamy Studio imperial blue medium nib

This pen writes like a dream. Really elegant design and beautiful colour! Lamy quality at a very good price.

By Robert B. on 18 Aug 2020 :
Product rated : Lamy Studio twin pen imperial blue

Lamy Twin Pen Functionality

The Lamy Studio Twin Pen is the best of the multifunction writing instruments available. I HaBe used this Studio model for several years and they never fail. Excellent product. I do wish it was offered in the Titanium finish. I am a very pleased customer and it is a pleasure to shop Fontoplumo

By Michael R. on 15 Aug 2020 :
Product rated : Platinum 3776 Century Bourgogne fountain pen

Very fun nib

Very beautiful pen and excellent performing nib

By Maria C. on 14 Aug 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Yellow Brick Road with Golden pebbles

Yellow Bliss

I was fortunate to acquire the last of Fontoplumo’s LE Leonardo Opera Zero Grande in Yellow. The pen is a big pen, but amazingly light when in the hand - whenever you post it or not. The Leonardo Grande is a very well made pen that has the almost perfect balance in the hand. It is a pistonfiller that operates without issues. The Yellow raisin is a plain, banana colour yellow, without frills or depth. The golden “pebbles” accentuate the plainness of the yellow and it is exactly this plainess what makes this Leonardo Yellow pen so pleasant for the eyes. The nib is a big, steel nib. Mine is a stub 1.1. that wrote smooth out of the box, but I need a little practice with it to find its sweet spot.
In short very happy with this big, yellow pen and Fontoplumo’s service was top.

By Troy B. on 12 Aug 2020 :
Product rated : Nib Customization

TWSBI Vac700R Broad to Cursive italic

I purchased a TWSBI VAC700R together with a nib customization here a few months ago and opted for a broad nib that was then reground to a cursive italic. I must say the pen writes like an absolute dream, inkflow is consistent regardless of what ink i use (tried montblac homage to hadrian, Akkerman Zuiderpark blauw groen, Herbin Lie de thé), the pen feels incredibly smooth, there is no scratchyness to think off and the line variation achieved with the grind is astounding. For whoever is considering a cursive italic i can highly recommend it.

By Barbara Hunt C. on 11 Aug 2020 :
Product rated : Pelikan Classic M200 Pastel Green fountain pen

Pelikan Always Gives Value

It is always good to order and receive a Pelikan pen as you know it will be quality and write well. The M200 is a smaller pen but it is affordable and an excellent entry into the Pelikan pen world. There have been reviewers speaking of the lovely pastel color, the white cap top and the attention to detail with the white piston instead of black. The only mar on the landscape might be that the ink window shows even a light green ink rather darker against the beautiful barrel color but that cannot be helped if you want to know of you ink level. Fontoplumo has good prices and I am very pleased with the pen and the service.

By Marie-Paule G. on 10 Aug 2020 :
Product rated : Schon DSGN Pocket Six Water on Mars fountain pen limited run

Great pen. Excellent service.

The Pocket Six is a very well made pen. It fits a jeans pocket and the hand very well. The colours are very cool and, all round, it’s a pleasure to use. I missed the first batch and asked Frank to let me know if there would be more. He duly did. Shipping to Germany was quick and without hassle. Always a pleasure to order from Fontoplumo.

By Giel S. on 09 Aug 2020 :
Product rated : Opus 88 Omar clear vulpen

Beautiful, good writer

I really like the modest look, with the matte black accents. And the nib writes fantastic.