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By Gert Jan V. on 17 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Inkt spuit 5ml met stompe naald


Zeer handige spuit om schone handen te houden en de laatste inkt uit de flesjes te halen. Supersnel geleverd,

By Simos B. on 16 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Rhodia No 16 A5 writing pad orange or black cover


It is great for the price.

By Simos B. on 16 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Bulb Syringe 60ml

Essential buy

It really does make a difference!

By Simos B. on 16 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo nib for fountain pen, steel (complete screw in unit)

Good but not perfect

Nib is good. I already own a fine nib and wanted to try a medium and a stub. The medium was as I expected to be, not too thick, not too thin, but it had some hard starts at the beginning, not so much to be bothersome, but still, not perfect. I cleaned it carefully and after some writing it feels as it has settled in. (The same thing happened to another pen I have, after I cleaned it and wrote for a while it stopped doing hard starts). I will see how it goes. Stub seems fine on that matter, although I did not use it for a long time. I like the feeling and how the letters look, I like how the ink behaves, but I am too used to a fine line at the moment (first time using a stub). I would love this if I was writing letters or for fun. For practical reasons I am sticking to my fine at the moment which writes perfectly, although I may switch to the medium later on.

By Simos B. on 16 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo ink Blue Mediterraneo 40ml bottled ink

Very nice.

Very nice and unique colour. Excellent properties. I would buy it again.

By Simos B. on 16 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo Penpouch for 1 pen, available in various colors


It is very beautiful and the quality is excellent.

By Gretchen S. on 16 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Kaweco Sport Coral Guilloche Gold fountain pen - Fontoplumo Exclusive

Great Product, but color paler than expected

I ordered the Kaweco Sport Coral Guilloche in the gold trim variation. The quality and finish of the pen are as expected, and the pen wrote well out of the box. The only slight disappointment is that the color is lighter than it appears in the photographs on the website. It is still beautiful, but not as rich a tone as expected. It pairs beautifully with Diamine Coral ink.

By Karyn V. on 15 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero blue Hawaii fountain pen

Beautiful Pen

This is a beautiful, solid, well-made pen. I have the stub nib, which is a little wider than my other stubs, and writes well. I’ve filled it with Diamine Tropical Glow, a shimmer blue. I love using this pen. Even the converter is nicely made.

I ordered from California, and communications and shipping went fine.

By Pascal V. on 15 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Laurige etui klein - zwart met rits


Prijs kwaliteit een heel mooi tasje. In vergelijking met grotere merken zoals Faber Castell is dit een aanrader.

By Peter A. on 14 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Kaweco Sport Coral Guilloche Silver fountain pen - Fontoplumo Exclusive

Fontoplumo + Kaweco = Fun, good writing, affordable pens

I'm always up for anything Orange or 'Orange adjacent'. Love the color, love the pattern on the pen and love my first extra fine nib.

By Peter H. on 14 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Kaweco Sport Coral Guilloche Gold fountain pen - Fontoplumo Exclusive

What a fun pen

Kaweco had been on my radar for a while, but having larger hands was somewhat hesitant.
But decided to test the waters with this special edition.
It does not disappoint, when posted it is comfortable in the hand, the section is a bit on the smaller side, but works amazingly well.
I chose the broad nib and am very happy with my choice.

By Jaap V. on 14 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Diamine Crimson ink 30ml

de kleur

Ik vind het een prachtige kleur, sjiek rood!

By Jaap V. on 14 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Lamy converter Z28


werkt uitstekend!

By Aleksander N. on 14 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Kaweco Sport Coral Guilloche Silver fountain pen - Fontoplumo Exclusive

Kaweco CORAL silver trim

It's a beautiful pen, I love the color. The delivery to Poland was very fast.

By Martin A. on 10 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo Furore blue emerald and gold trim fountain pen

Gorgeous Pen!!!

This is my second Leonardo pen and it just arrived today, it is gorgeous! The colour and material is sublime and the overall quality, fit and finish is fantastic, and importantly the nib (Fine)writes beautifully.
If you are thinking about making the purchase, just do it, you won't be disappointed. Fontoplumo has become my go to pen store, there service is excellent and if you have any questions contact Frank he won't steer you wrong.

By Arouny S. on 10 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Lamy AL-star EMR black stylus

Works well with Samsung Galaxy Note series

It works really well with the Samsung Galaxy Note series. I did buy it initially for use with the Remarkable Tablet but found that it doesn't write as well as the original Remarkable pen.
Packaging was a bit basic and no spare tips provided.

review reply  Dear Arouny, thank you for your review.
Just to let you know, there are 2 spare tips in the package. They are small so possibly easy to overlook, but they are there. Hope you still have the package so you can find them review reply

Shop owner reply on 11 Feb 2020
By Dr. Hans-Ruediger P. on 09 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Nib Customization

Wonderful italic cursiv nib

I was very curious about the nib customization, and ordered a Fine Writing Bronze Age pen with a B steel nib, in combination with nib customization. I obtained a wonderful italic cursive nib and I am highly satisfied. Great service!

By Dr. Hans-Ruediger P. on 09 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Fine Writing Bronze Age Brass fountain pen

Very interesting pen

This is a very interesting and special pen, the combination of heavy brass cap, transparent barrel, and eye dropper. I ordered the pen in combination with the nib customization service, and I obtained a wonderful steel italic cursive nib. Great service by Fotoplumo!

By Arturo L. on 08 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Lamy Pico Lx Rosegold ballpoint pen Special Edition 2020

Beautiful pen

I really liked this Lamy Pico, it is a really nice color and has the same quality as all Pico pens. Highly recommended.

By Patrick C. on 06 Feb 2020 :
Product rated : Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Dark Hawaii fountain pen

A pleasure to look at and write with.

Went to visit Fontoplumo in Delft a few weeks ago. I had previously ordered online twice and just wanted to see the store for a change. Frank was at his computer. I introduced myself and we started talking, he showed me around in his very nice store and this fountain pen caught my eye. Of course I had seen pictures of it, but 'live' it looked much better. The depth in the material is really striking. Couldn't leave without taking it for a spin. Tried an EF nib and that was wonderful... Effortless wet lines, just how I like it. The ebonite feed has no problems at all.
In short: Have it inked eversince and enjoy it every day! FYI: I really liked the store; situated in this rustique area of Delft, the plethora of pens is presented in well lit displays. They have plenty of room, which shows them off really well. Also, as a customer I felt like I had enough space to move around, making it a very pleasant experience being there. And of course, Frank is a very friendly guy which also enhances the experience. I highly recommend visiting with Frank if your in the area!

So, thanks Frank, for showing me around and the opportunity of owning this wonderful pen! I think I'll drop by again. ;)