Conid Monarch Bulkfiller

“The story of the pen began back in March 2015 at the Cologne pen show in Germany. Both Conid and Fontoplumo had a table there. During the day, I was seen visiting the Conid stand several times. Something on display had caught my attention. What was it? Nothing less than the Kingsize Flanders Fields, a unique Conid memorial pen. I just couldn’t get it out of my head. It had sparked my interest and I was loath to go home without it. My eagerness and enthusiasm didn’t go unnoticed by Werner and as the day drew to a close, he agreed to sell it to me.

Soon afterwards, another surprise was in store for me. I received an invitation to visit the factory itself. My lovely wife and I were given a fascinating guided tour, culminating in an animated discussion about special edition pens. As I am Dutch, I had decided to wear an orange jacket that day. So it was orange that captured Werner’s imagination. A second meeting followed. Again, we talked about a special edition pen but more seriously this time. Like many good things in life, good ideas need time to age.”

That is how the Conid Monarch Bulkfiller was born.

With this pen, Fontoplumo and Conid pay homage to orange, the colour closely associated not only with the people of the Netherlands but also with their royal house. According to legend, pioneers from Europe, especially those from Holland and England, who crossed the Atlantic to settle in America were awestruck at the sight of beautiful orange butterflies. Consequently, they named the species Monarch after William of Orange, the king who also was William III of England.

The butterfly is, moreover, a symbol of transformation. Bearing this in mind, we hope that the Monarch pen will help you embrace personal change and smooth the path towards your dreams and aspirations.

The Conid Monarch Bulkfiller fountain pen, a numbered edition, is now available.

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Conid Monarch Kingsize Bulkfiller

Conid bulkfiller pen

Conid Monarch Kingsize Bulkfiller Conid Monarch Kingsize Bulkfiller

The Conid Bulfiller, uses Conids pattented bulkfiller syste, which has a massive ink capacity of 3ml