Lamy Al-Star color of 2018 is…. Vibrant Pink

Very excited to announce this color. Early 2018 Lamy will bring us a new happy color, in the Al-Star special edition of 2018, namely Vibrant Pink.

From the pictures this looks to be a true eye catcher. The Lamy Al-Star Vibrant Pink will be available as fountain pen, ballpoint and rollerball pen, and with matching fountain pen ink in cartridges and 50ml bottle.

The Al-Star special edition usually is ready for delivery in February, but you don’t have to wait until than to reserve yours.

Available for pre order in the webshop now.


    • Pictures of the Lamy Safari special color are usually made available around February. There are rumors and some low quality pictures I’ve seen if the 2018 Safari, but don’t have full, official information yet.

  1. Next Lamy Safari LE will be full black. Black, MATTE barrel, black nib and black clip.

  2. What’s pictures of the Lamy Safari 2018 do you see? What’s color? 🙂

  3. Millions of colours of always and always the same model. That’s boring. Isn’t there still enough? Lamy seems to be without a clue!

    • That’s nonsense…. they got so many different pens… and I love the fact, that they deliver a new al star color every year…

  4. There are different opinions, O.K. But for several fountain-pen friends its everything but nonsense.
    After they will be gone through all the colours of the world, they are going to put patterns on every coloured Al-Star Model, on and on and on – I’m pretty sure. Brilliant marketing.
    It was something catchy and new for a time, no question.
    And yes, they got so many different pens, and yes, I love Lamy myself, nonetheless.

  5. I am always hoping for a white with black clip and nib as I cannot afford what the Pelikan “Stormtroopers” go for on eBay.

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